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  • Jane from just for you florals
    in Flowers Comment by marta119 July 2013
  • Highly recommend HK Photography!!! We loved our engagement pictures and what we've seen from the wedding so far.  They will travel to you, split up if you're at two different locations and will be with you all day!
  • Correction it's pavilion on crystal lake... Typing on the phone
  • Pavilion in Crystal Lake in Middletown... We had our reception there May 3rd! They have a gazebo up on a hill overlooking the lake (we had an off site ceremony) and a little beach. They have better rates depending on your date.
  • We had our rehearsal in Hartford so we were looking for rd venue in the area. We decided on Bertuccis in Newington (not the closest but not too far). They have their banquet/family style menu online... It ended up being a lot cheaper than anything w…
  • 31 days for me!!!! I'm starting to get little panick attacks whenever I think how close we are! Anyone else getting those too? lol I have no clue how I'm going to make it down the aisle! Glad my dad is going to be there, otherwise I would probably f…
  • Butterfly kisses
  • They probably don't count people at the door but I'm assuming they will only put as many chairs and tables as you tell then to. So if there are people standing around without a seat the venue will know more people showed up.
  • HK Photography and MV Film Productions for videographer
  • I can say I'm getting married next week!!! (kinda surreal) Meeting with videographer and photographer this week to go over the timeline for the day. We have to decide on the menu choices for the RD, pick some of the reception music (intro songs etc)…
  • We haven't done one in a LONG time....lots of new faces around here...so... Name: Marta Wedding date: 05/03/2013 Venue: Pavilion on Crystal Lake in Middletown Colors: Navy and green PIP of your dress: Don't think I can post from my phone but its …
  • I'm using Jane from Just for You Floral Design studio (justforyouweddings.com). I love her! My wedding is next Friday so obviously I haven't seen the flowers yet but I have confidence they will turn out great
  • Thank you for all your responses.  You put my mind at ease and Jenn did get back to me yesterday. I just wish they posted something either on their business fb page or set up a vmail message saying they were away but oh well, I'm just glad to be in…
  • May 3rd
  • My girls are wearing short navy dresses too! I'm going with pearl bracelet and pearl earrings for each (they all have different necklines/styles so a necklace wouldn't work for each one). I'm going with pearls because that is what my jewelery is goi…
  • I'm sorry, I probably should have clarified a little more. The rehearsal will start at 4pm and will probably be over around 5- 5:30, and it will be on a Thursday. So I guess that will be considered rush hour.  The route does go through the city and …
  • My Wedding is on May 3rd and I haven't booked my cake baker yet. I booked one consultation (for next wednesday)! It's the bakery that is preferred by my venue. When I contacted them, the lady didn't seem like I should be in a rush to get there but I…
  • In Response to Re: invitationstyles.com: [QUOTE]What are their shipping prices like if you buy all your invitations from there? Will it really still be cheaper if their shipping prices are so high? Posted by aragx6[/QUOTE]   Their shipping is ac…
  • So I googled this and found this website: http://www.everythinghandwritten.com/etiquette.html Under the section Titles (3rd paragraph) it says: If you are addressing a married couple and want to use both of their first names, the husband’s name …
  • In Response to Re: Cake! :): [QUOTE]We used Kim's Cottage Confection (we got it 'free' through a promotion with our venue).  Her cakes very very delicous and the base price will get you that pretty feel, but not too fancy.  You can see my cake in t…
    in Cake! :) Comment by marta119 August 2012
  • I wouldn't invite the kids. Can I ask why are you sending your invitations so early? (I'm just curious )
  • It's going to be on Thursday, May 2nd. We're open to a location close to Hartford but would like to stay in if possible.
  • Name: Marta Wedding date: 05/03/2013 Venue: Pavilion on Crystal Lake How many in your Bridal party? 6 on each side Colors: navy and green Favorite Vendors: HK Photography, Jane from Just for You PIP your dress or inspiration pic:
  • In Response to Re:favors...: [QUOTE]Potted herbs. The pots are terra cotta and will say "Seasoned With Love" "Nick and Amber, May 18, 2013". Goes with our "rustic spring" theme as we will have watering can centerpieces. And I love to cook and have …
  • We're having our recpetion at Pavilion on Crystal Lake in Middletown.... it's rustic with big windows overlooking the lake... check out their website http://www.pavilioncatering.com/weddings.htm
  • Your Name & FI's Name: Marta & Greg Where You're From: both live in South Windsor, CT  Wedding Location: Hartford, CT/ Middletown, CT Wedding Date: May 3, 2013 Favorite Part of Wedding Planning: Doing all the little things by myself, seein…
  • I emailed you.
  • I absolutely had the same thought! By the time we get married we will attend 5 weddings (since our engagement).  Couple of the weddings I knew what the bride was wearing but for the others I held my breath as the bride stepped out, and was relieved …
  • Our reception is at the Pavilion too! (May next year). We're using HK Photography, love their work! http://www.hk-photography.com/
  • I just checked the website and you are absolutely right!  I must have confused it with a different salon I looked at.... it just makes them look even better Too bad your wedding is after mine