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  • awww - gorgeous!
  • not sure ... I need to lurk and investigate a bit first
  • 115 no shows! Holy cow that's awful! 
  • I'm sorry, that would bum me out too! I've been pleasantly surpsied about how many declines I've received.  I invited 350 and I thought for sure over 300 would come and I was stress about the layout of the room.  I'm still missing a few RSVPs but I…
  • I wish I would have lost more weight - sort of.  I wanted to lose 20 pounds and I lost 14.  I'm happy with myself and my body but I think some people expected me to starve myself to be super skinny and that's just not me. I wish I would have been m…
  • wow, you were one hot bride! CONGRATS!
  • *crash* OMG - congrats!!!
  • I've never even lurked on the bump, so the ladies are pretty self absorbed and hormonal? lol, maybe I should check it out for some entertainment!
  • I took care of this problem months ago.  I'll be getting my period about 2 weeks before the wedding so it won't interfere with the wedding or the honeymoon.
  • I don't have very many No's.  A lot of people are looking forward to having something to do for New Years.  Plus OOT family and friends are already home for Christmas so they are just extending their stay and are happy to only have to make one trip …
  • YAY! I'm so excited for all the 12/12 girls!  Have an amazing wedding weekend Jess - can't wait to see pics
  • Awww Mrs.Jess!  Congrats! Have a fantastic honeymoon!
  • FI's bachelor party was in October.  It was a guys weekend w/poker on Friday night and bars/stripclubs on Saturday night.  They had a total blast and I'm 100% in support of him doing that.  I have total faith in my FI and his friends, plus he had co…
  • It's 6 degrees here is Wisconsin.  I don't know what the forecast is for NYE but I'm still planning on outdoor pics.  For sure w/me and FI and hopefully a couple with the BP.  I know I'll be able to suck it up plus I have my fur wrap and my BP are t…
  • My photographer put together a slideshow that can be found here: http://parisiphotography.com/blogs/ You could also go to: http://www.parisiphotography.com/ Click on "view your photos" and our event code is gabrielwedding.  There are 1500 pictures…
  • I've barely thought about the honeymoon - I mean I'm excited about it but it seems so far away and I'm so focused on the actually wedding.  Funny, I didn't think about how soon it is until reading this post! I went shopping over the weekend about b…
  • I think you made a beautiful bride Jess!  Looks like it was a great day, all of your details were prefect - congrats!
  • I went to a wedding where they did that and it was a huge hit! Plus the photographer posted them with all the other wedding photos and it was a riot to look through them. Do it!!!
  • Congrats!  What a great wedding present I agree with keeping a drink in your hand ... if someone offers to buy you a drink you could always say "thanks, could you please just get me a sprite, I'm so thirsy from all the talking and dancing!"  I thi…
  • Pick up dress - today Give final count to reception hall - today Pay for hair and MU Get eyebrows waxed Pedicure - Saturday All the stuff (centerpieces, welcome bags, etc) to hotel - Tues Manicure - next wednesday Buy stuff for bathroom basket Pack …
  • Ok, so we've agreed to go with pashminas ... but I feel like a lot of people have black pashminas already.  If you already owned a black pashmina would you mind getting a 2nd one as a gift?  Is it ok to get black or should I try to find a different…
  • It's slower than molasses but hopefully that'll improve over time.  It's like the nest now which doesn't bother me.  I'll adapt as long as things get faster.
  • Sad - I hope things go well and mom and baby stay safe! I think bringing her a slice of cake and her bouquet is a very sweet gesture.
  • My favorite stuff has been my china and wine glasses.  I cannot wait to have a fancy dinner party!
  • Honestly this past week I've felt like my life is falling apart!  For me it's because I am an over-committer.  I'm the president of my volunteer organization and my presidency is coming to an end, I'm working on obtaining a designation for work and …
  • Yay!!! Congats!!!
  • Are they by any chance Bill Levkoff dresses?? I ordered mine in July and still don't have them.  BL said they'd be in mid-October and I can't even get an estimated date of when they will arrive.  Apparently it has something to do with the shipping c…
  • We are getting a really nice camera as a joint gift so we can take good pics on our honeymoon.  We'll also be getting a nice bottle of wine (we're going to Napa) to open on our anniversary. I'm also getting boudior pics taken next week as a surprise…
  • good idea Melissa!
  • nygirl - My FFIL insisted on fillet.  At our tasting, we tried a different beef option and he told our planner that it tasted like gasoline.  I was so embarressed. Because he forced us to go with the fillet, he did agree to pay for the additional co…