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  • Where did you find the maracas?  I was thinking of doing that too!
  • I love Canon in D!  It is a classic and beautiful.  I'm walking in to it.  I can't decide on a song for the processional........For the recessional, what about Here Comes the Sun? Or Hold Me Tight?  We are going to use Hold Me Tight by Evan Rachel W…
  • I got 500 for $35 from Vistaprint.  I did 2 different designs.  Google free postcards from Vistaprint and then you can get 250 for free!  Beware, order them early because they charge lots for shipping if you want them fast.  Mine took 4 weeks becaus…
  • I just mailed mine out THursday.  They didn't get here from Vistaprint until Jan. 9th!!  No way was I paying $35 shipping to get them in 3 days, so I had to go for the long shipping.  They are postcards too.
  • I called rosebeary cakes and she was around $5 a slice.  I'm going with Dolve Vita Catering - tastes wonderful and very good price, I think it ended up being $2 a slice.
  • Hum, did you collect sea sells? You could do tiny sea shells if you have enough. I like chocolate covered anything pretty much and flower bulbs is a great idea! Other ideas: have someone make Mexican wedding cookiesand put 2 or 3 in each bag candied…
  • I RSVP by date is April 6. I invited 250 people and so far have only 35 RSVPs. I'm getting worried because I do not want to order way too much food when it is costing me way over budget anyway! Is there any way to remind people? I am having people R…
    in RSVP Rant Comment by rachf March 2012
  • Well my fiance doesn't like it, my mom doesn't prefer it, and I was kinda iffy on it. What version of Jesu did you use?  The version I have is only 3 minutes long, and I have 2 sets of grandparents, and 2 moms, plus 5 bridesmaids and flower girls.  …
  • I love this idea too!  I really like Unchained Melody on guitar too.  You could use any of the classical songs and find a good guitar version.  Look at acousticwedding.com.  You can listen to the songs on the website!
  • Thank you!  I looking at Will Rogers Park (the rose gardens!) but they aren't open until May and we are getting married in April.  We are expecting no more than 200 people.  Right now the guest list is 160 but I'm sure it will fluctuate. I was wonde…
  • Wow I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one!  We had been dating 1 year when I started wondering if he was on the same page as me.  We discussed wanting to get married several times before, but I never had any vibe that it was "near future".  So he…
    in Waiting Comment by rachf April 2011
  • They are from linentablecloth.com.  I'm waiting for offers; I'm not selling them at any particular price, so you can make an offer! I would love to sell them to someone in OKC so as not to deal with shipping.
  • Anyone else??? I feel like I have listened to every song out there.....
  • I'm going to order paper from paperandmore.com too.  It is good quality, and the cheapest price I can find!!
    in Paper Comment by rachf January 2012
  • Prelude songs we are using: Main Title from The Notebook Legends of the Fall theme song Romantic Flight from How to Train Your Dragon
  • I would really recommend Ryan Bell!  We are using him.  It is $900 for 4 hours coverage, and you get all images.  We added an engagement session for $100. Our wedding is in April.  He and his wife work together.  So far I really like him! ryanbellph…
  • Does anyone know if you can edit the colors on their designs? And does the wedding invitation price include the envelope?
  • You can BUY table linens for a lot cheaper than that at www.linentablecloth.com or weddinglinensdirect.com.  I'm thinking of buying mine from either one of those.
  • I really like his photos too but too expensive.  How did he work with you on your budget?  His current prices start at $2200 for 6 hours.
  • Oh that O'er the moor and Among the Heather song is very nice!  You might like any of the songs off the How to Train Your Dragon soundtrack, esp Romantic Flight http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9TanR_3M0o I'm having an outdoor wedding, so I'm looking…
  • Well, my mom was like "oh my goodness my wedding did not cost that much. Surely prices haven't gone up THAT much." Well excuse me, I felt that was very disrespectful to me, because I had looked high and low to find the cheapest option for just about…
  • Sorry they are actually 85 in square.  Make an offer!  Here is the website I bought them from. http://www.linentablecloth.com/tablecloths/square-tablecloths/85-inch-square-polyester-tablecloth-eggplant.html
  • OOOO sounds really fun!!  I would say your theme is formal carnival or fair.
  • In Response to Re: Waiting: [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Waiting : Does this really sound healthy to you? Is this truly the kind of relationship you want to have with someone the rest of your life? Where you feel like the person who is supposed to lov…
    in Waiting Comment by rachf April 2011
  • I booked Meditations Catering!  We changed the date and it ended up working out great.  They have a lovely garden courtyard and the reception can be indoors.  Website is meditationscatering.com  It s only $800. They have a trellis/pergola with wiste…
  • I'm using Anna Teague.  She works in admissions at the OSU vet school, so is very convenient for me! Cost so far is $700-800. 1 bridal bouquet, 5 bridesmaids, toss bouquet, 7 corsages, 12 boutonnieres, and hydrangeas to hang off the ceremony chairs,…
  • My wedding is April 22nd!  I am in vet school, and between 3rd and 4th year we have one week off.  Friday I have the transition ceremony when we receive our white coats, so I couldn't have a rehearsal dinner then.  The rehearsal will be Sat, and wed…
  • Are you still looking for a photographer?  I recommend Ryan Bell!  ryanbellphotography.com
  • In Response to Re: dark purple table cloths for sale end of April: [QUOTE]Im interested if you still have them.How much are you asking? Posted by Ams32016[/QUOTE] Hi! Yes I still have them.  Price is negotiable.  How much can you pay? I bought …
  • How much is she?  Her website doesn't say... I'm having a hard time finding a decent photographer that doesn't charge thousands of dollars.
    in Tara Lokey!! Comment by rachf April 2011