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  • Very pretty.   I love the neckline.  It is amazing!
  • Good morning, Yuck back to work!  I am counting down the work days till Maui.  It is 18 including today! We have a satellite office that is open 2 days a week in the next town about 45 miles away.  I go on Thursday's and my boss goes on Tuesday's.…
  • Can you maybe go back and tell her you don't feel like you can take 2 weeks off and see if she will agree to 1?  That seems like a good compromise to me. Good luck!
  • I also used Marci Guendel and she was great.  I looked better for my wedding than I had hoped!  lol
  • I don't think it is too expensive if it includes the wine.  We paid $160 for our dinner without any alcohol as we don't drink.  Like pp said it is your wedding dinner and it should be special.
  • Have a nice day at school Sam! Cathy - I hope it is nothing serious and that all goes well with your surgery tomorrow. I am at work for the 1st of my last 4 days at work before we leave to Maui on Friday.  Trying to get all the open files in my of…
  • Have a great Birthday Jenn.  I hope you are all recovered from the weekend!
  • Sounds good Britt.  It should turn out amazing!
    in Check! Comment by rmontpas January 2012
  • I am just working.  Good luck with all the DIY everyone!  When is your daughters bday Laura?  My granddaughter, Penelope, will be 2 on May the 3rd.  It sounds like they must be close.
  • I paid $210 for some one to come into my condo in Maui and do my hair and makeup.  I probably could have got the job done cheaper if I went out but I really appreciated the convenience.
  • I think the computer illiterate had figured it out!  Thanks for the instructions.
  • Kimmy - is your company going to be big enough for an accountant?  If so I am on board.  I am here now and don't have to leave if there is a job available!
  • I would tell them myself if I thought there was a chance someone else would tell them first.  I would rather hear from you than on facebook and feel left out.  that is just me though.
  • I picked 2 but I also liked 1.  You looked nice in all of them though!
  • Wow Kimmy, I feel lazy compared to you!
  • I am sorry that your MOH made it official.  I am happy for you though that you worked it out with your bridesmaid and you will have an "honor" as it was important to you.  It will all work out and be beautiful in the end!
  • Latest update is that a bit of bloody show has started.  Sounds promising to me!
    in 2 cm!!!! Comment by rmontpas March 2012
  • I got my first DB card yesterday.  thanks Marcia!
  • Hi Sunshiny, I live in Smithers.  Did you ever ski here? Did you find anything last night during your online search?  I didn't but I will keep trying and maybe not be so picky but I just have this picture in my head of the perfect shoe and I can't…
  • They are very beuatiful Britt.  I am amazed with all the things you do.  I am not crafty or artistic at all so I am jealous!
  • Congratulations!
  • Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a very safe and Happy New Year to one and all!
  • I started pre-tanning at the tanning booth at the gym a little while ago.  I am not using any accelerator or bronzer though.  I ended up orange last year when I pre-tanned before Mexico.  I am usually pretty white skinned and really think it helps i…
  • I thought I had booked someone to come to the room.  We have a condo so Kevin can just go where ever we aren't but I haven't heard from her in awhile and she is not answering my emails.  I may be looking for someone last minute.  I will wait until w…
  • Hi Everyone,  sounds like you all had wonderful Christmas's.  I love the blue diamond ring! My FI has a thing about making all my dreams come true so for Christmas he is crossing one more thing off the list and is taking me on a Caribbean cruise in …
  • Good morning ladies! I am recovering from a sinus infection and the flu at the same time so am totally wiped out!  Day 2 of the antibiotics so hopefully am on the mend though. Justdance - good luck with the studying! Entropic - great save with th…
  • How long are you there for?  We arrive on January 27th.
  • It really depends on what you mean by a fairy.  So you mean like Tinkerbell with wings or just a frilly, flowy dress? If I told my 5 year old granddaughter she could dress like a fairy she would be so happy!!!  On that note I say go for it if it wi…
  • I voted for Runaway bride as well but they are all great ideas.
  • I am not sure what you mean by jazz it up.  The one thing that came to mind for me right away other than onions is maybe a little more of the other spices.  I always make my own because I also find premade sauces too sweet.  I use whatever vegetable…