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  • Good luck with the tasting! 
  • Cake!!
  • All I have booked is photographer, church, and reception... But I have to admit, I feel pretty behind! 
  • Thanks edie!  One more question...  I know that each guest should get their own invite, but what about STDs?  A few examples... My adult cousins who live at home with parents, our college guy friends who all still live together.  They'll all get t…
  • They look really nice!
  • When are your: STD's mailed out: will be going out next week bridal shower invites sent out: ?? actual shower date picked: my MOH asked what dates were good and she said she was planning to do one beginning of June Wedding invitations sent out: be…
  • Oh good!  The Fountains is our first choice, I'm glad to hear the food is good!  The wedding will be July/August so no AC will NOT work!  Thanks for the tips
  • Nikki - I'm currently discussing doing a boudoir session with my photographer as well.  Have you thought about where you'd do the session?  I was thinking about getting a fancy hotel room downtown to do the shoot in.  Maybe the Sheraton, so the wind…
  • I'm in!   Can I ask, what is this "quick workout" you guys are talking about? 
  • Thank you!   Changes made.  Question for you: is it specifically wrong to put "as they exchange wedding vows and begin their lives together" or simply less traditional?  
  • I also like both ideas, you can't go wrong!  I like the idea of the girls being able to pick their own dress, so that way they can choose a good fit and price range.  That's what I'm doing with mine; they are just buying a kneelength ivory dress.  …
  • Kat - yesterday my appts were at Demetrios and The Wedding Studio... I ended up giving up my Demetrios appt to a girl who walked in at the same time as me who didn't have an appt and had travelled from out of town.  I had a feeling that things were …
  • To follow up....  Nancy's:  Not so impressed, really.  There wasn't anything I personally LOVED there.  Although they did have a lot of gowns, I'm looking for something lacy and elegant and I felt like there wasn't anything in that category.  Also…
  • Oh my gosh I LOVE the second one... I saw it in the seablue color at Nordstrom and called my mom immediately.  LOVE it! 
  • We're using My Girl by The Temptations (which as always been 'our' song).  FI and his mom will pick out their song, I think he is considering How Sweet It is to Be Loved By You by James Taylor.  
  • Congrats! That's a big check!
    in check!! Comment by sarah260 January 2012
  • Both of those dresses are really cute girls!  I haven't even begun thinking about that yet! 
  • WR: Visited hotels with my FI to make plans for where we'll have our blocks at... I think we have it narrowed down pretty well!  Also bought some supplies to begin making our invites and did LOTS of honeymoon research.   NWR: Worked all weekend...…
  • Thanks for all the responses girls!  I'm leaning toward #3, but trying not to get my heart set on it since I haven't even seen it in person yet.  I think #2 is my second choice, followed by #1.   I wish I could show you guys pics of me in the dres…
  • You are so good at that stuff.  I'm glad you keep posting it, I'm stealing all your ideas for Christmas gifts!  I'm excited to make these ornaments, how cute!  Thanks for the inspiration! 
  • Fun! 1.  Working all weekend, boo. 2.  Strawberry 3.  Eric Church, Drink in my Hand 4.  all of it!  Excited to be married! 
  • That's awesome!  Congrats! 
  • DO THAT SONG!  It's amazing
  • Maybe take the jacket or a cute cardigan to use for some pics, or to wear between pics to warm up a bit.  You'll be ok  Plus that will give you more variety in your pics!   When I saw the title of your post, I wanted to show you a session from on…
  • I get baby fever on and off, but am pretty set in waitin at least a couple years before we start trying.  I work in Labor & Delivery so it gets me thinking a lot (both good and bad!).  Some day though... I've always loved the name Elise.  That…
  • 1. What is your favourite song to listen to when you just want to cry?Lots of them, I love sad music (kind of weird?).  Right now probably "Blessings" by Laura Story because it really ties in with my life. 2. What do you do for a living? Labor and…
  • I love your dress!
  • Cute!  I really like the gold one a lot!!   I think I'm going to make some wreaths too, for my mom and maybe FMIL I was thinking I'd make a yarn one that I saw on Pinterest.  I love crafty things!  Glad to hear it's not too hard!