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  • Remember, every wedding is black tie optional unless black tie is forbidden. If your FI isn't wearing black tie, then your wedding is not black tie. I see your wedding isn't until June so please don't put this on your invitation. If you want your …
  • Gosh I bet you are so relieved! What with all these wedding expenses coming up!
  • I have a feeling that this is something that happened to a "friend of a friend" .
  • I wouldn't cut them, but can you send the parents a friendly email telling them what day you are actually mailing them. This kinda happened to me- everyone thought they had tons of time. So I sent an email saying I am mailing STDs on Feb 30th EXACTL…
  • In Response to Re: Weekly Checks!: [QUOTE]i'm just going to write them in nicer (hopefully) cursive, myself. i just need to practice a bit because i haven't really written in cursive since third grade. i was hoping to get a book or something but i …
  • Well, the people at the top of the invitation are really just the people that are hosting aka paying for the wedding. You can list parent's names in the ceremony program. So in this case proper wording would be: Mrs. and Mrs. Groom's Parents requ…
  • Arizona. I did a road trip of the state a few years ago. Landed in Pheonix. Drove up these riduculously beautiful mountain roads/ranges to Sedona, AZ (where they have the red mountains). Went to the grand caynon. There's a lot of things to see there…
  • I have 17 left to! I just had my final meeting last night with the venue, and my last dress fitting is next tuesday. Ahhhhhhhhhh. I'm really only dealing with the extra small details at this point and trying to get ready for our HM. 
  • WE ARE?????? OMG that's so exciting! I haven't met a dress twin yet! Okay great, I'm totally going to remember this and PM you to bug you about shoe/jewerly/bouquet/etc choices! Wait, is that the color that is like a blush? That sounds really pret…
  • I think it's completely fine. I'd have them usher and then sit in the front row. 
  • Follow up to Junebug... How do you know when there's a vegan in the room? ....don't worry, they will tell you.
  • My maid of honor and matron of honor are wearing the Davids one! It's super figure flattering. I would pick that one (#mightbebiased).
  • I voted for hard candy! Any way you can post a recipe and/or what they are supposed to look like? Is it hard to make hard candy? How long can you store it? And what are you planning on putting them in? (Hint: I'm looking for favor ideas lol)
  • Is there any way you could just not bring up the dances in conversation? Do you think this is something that your Dad would mention? By the time you get to the wedding, it's not like he could do anything about it and everything's already paid for. K…
  • I think I might like it with ivory. Those bouquets are SO PRETTY. I didn't even know hydrageas came in teal!  I might do purple hydrageas in some of mine (going to a florist soon). 
  • Doesn't smell like a Chinese knockoff site. Says they are based out of nj. I'd visit their physical store- seems like it could be okay.
  • Oh my. What I learned from this wedding planning is that if relatives want to help, THEY WILL OFFER FIRST. I said absolutely nothing to anyone about money and had my parents offer to pay for the reception, my grandmother offer to pay for my dress,…
  • I mean this in the best way possible and just trying to give advice, but I noticed that you said "black tie optional". SInce you're invitations haven't gone out yet (I see July wedding), you might want to think about either making it black tie or no…
  • Are you having other BMs? Or is she the only one? If she's your only BM, you could do something else. Ask her to go to the salon with you on the day of the wedding. Get her a flower corsage to wear. Ask her to do a reading. 
  • You are going to look HOT! I love everything you picked out! If I did this FI would Probably have a heart attack when he saw the pics let us know how the shoot goes! When is it? Sounds like a ton of fun. About the pics- I assumed I was going to b…
  •   If it's any help, since you're having a bad week, I'll send some warm thoughts and good vibes in your direction. 
  • I'm thinking 1 per adult because I'm not sure exactly how you would pass them out per family. If every adult grabs one, then you will run short. You could have ushers pass then out, but what if 2 adults from the same family reach for one? Kinda awkw…
  • I haven't been this is particular piano bar, but I was at a dueling piano one in Philadelphia that I'm sure is about 99% the same. I really wouldn't worry about it! It was all very silly and fun, and everyone was drunk as a skunk anyway. They just c…
  • In Response to Re: Thank you question- who am I talking to?: [QUOTE]I just wrote my shower invitations to the woman.   Something like: Dear Aunt Jane, Thank you for the waffle maker.  FI and I cannot wait to try it out with our favorite recipes.  T…
  • I mean, I know it seems silly to send more than 1 magnent to a house but I really think everyone over 18 should get one. It's not only proper etiquette, it's treating people correctly (they are adults, after all). I'm sending like 3 of them to a few…
  • The day my cousin sent me the roaster I wanted and the coaster set I picked I nearly blew a gasket. I was so excited to get my first engagement gift and it made it feel so real!
  • I always keep my passport with me. What happens if you miss the boat (hey it happens) and need to fly back home/to the next island???
  • Yay! I'm so jelly right now. I gotta get started on ordering mine (but I did pick them out). 
  • I've never seen anything like them! LOVE IT