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  • I'm biased, so just a warning before you read lol. My mother actually works in the floral dept. at stop and shop in east harwich, and she is pretty talented. Normally, I would say hell to the no. BUT my mother has been doing this for many years, and…
  • HOORAY! Congrats girl!!
  • Let me know when you start talking with them - I'm surprised you haven't had much contact .. then again, we have a big package thing with them so we have to contact them for everything right now. I'd love to hear your experience with them when you a…
  • Kashy - Good luck! My FI is the SAME WAY. I'm dreading the day we have to do that. I am here at work for the next 30 minutes and then I'm going to Brentwood with my girlfriend for some SUSHI! And then we are going to hit TJ Maxx there because rumo…
  • LewisC - Yikes - that sounds like a lot of hassle. Thanks for the warning! quite frankly, my heart is already set on Old Sea Pines Inn =P I'm glad you SIL said that - thanks for the input! JSimm - I'm SO glad you responded; I was hoping maybe someo…
  • What if you don't know how much it exactly costs? I got a wedding package where DJ, catering, and photography is included so individuall,y I'm not aware of how much it costs.
    in Tipping? Comment by snadler3489 May 2010
  • Well I keep hearing my wedding is going to be big but our maximum limit is 130. Yes, I would invite more if money wasn't an issue. But, I also know many of the people I'm inviting won't make it because everyone I'm inviting is from NY and will have …
  • Provincetown would be fun!
  • Thank you guys for the input - I'm not going to fight with him about it honestly. It isn't a military wedding, and he would be the only one wearing it but you guys are right and I'm not going to make a big deal out of it, was just wondering if I was…
  • Try Old Sea Pines Inn - I'm getting married there in June, and my FI and I are paying by ourselves and for everything (minus flowers and th person who will marry us) we are paying 6k. For 60 people. We are getting married on a Sunday which cut the r…
  • I'm in the same dillemma too. My FI family all grew up Baptist, his uncle is a pastor. However, I grew up Jewish and my Grandma will die if we have a religious ceremony. I personnaly do not mind if prayer was involved, but my fear is it will turn in…
  • SORRY!! My internet is still down and my stupppiddd phone wouldn't load the knot DB. Hope you got to watch it
  • Same here, but I did email you my info .. I'll email you my starting weight once I step on the scale .. been avoiding him for awhile =P So excited!!! Ready to get my fat butt into shape. LOL
  • I was afraid that everyone would agree that a meal should happen. The wedding is at 2 in the afternoon, but now that I'm thinking about it, it will be running into meal time with the reception. I guess we're going to need to just save a bit more. No…
  • Awesome checks! The dress is amazing! If they had that in white I may reconsider my own wedding dress =P
  • I'm in the same boat, let me know if you hear anything!
  • My FI and I are getting married at Couples Tower Isle and I had the same concern. In the FAQ's it statesa that we receive a temporary license, however, I wont be able to change my name with it: Will I be able to change my name with the temporary li…
  • How do i join this? I'd love to particpate!
  • We are betting married at Old Sea Pines Inn this summer and they have been great with us. we are paying for all of it by ourselves, and they are really affordable. We are also getting married on a Sunday, so that made things even cheaper for us. The…
  • WOW .. looks like it was amazing!! I love what the decor in the tent looked like!
  • Haha I'm going to be going that too for the wedding - no way I'm going to be a crying, fat mess in Jamaica. Nope, I won't stand for it.
  • Old Sea Pines Inn - I'm getting married there in June and that have a secret garden where they hold the ceremonies. They are a B&B in Brewster and they are really inexpensive, I'm still shocked my wedding of 60 people is under 7k on the Cape.
  • Come What May - Moulin Rouge! This has been our song since the first week we started dating and we often say it to each other when time are hard, so .. it's perfect
  • I'm confused - is it all jacked up because 311 will be performing on the cruise or is going on the cruise as well or wha?! I feel left out .. or stupid. Whichever lol
  • YAY!! That, in my opinion, is the best check!
  • GRATZ!! It really is much easier now that you have that part out of the way! I feel like I don't have a thing to do now! and I like it like that
  • In Response to Re: Old Sea Pines Inn: [QUOTE]i checked out the Old Sea Pines Inn.... It was ADORABLE. The secret garden area where they have the ceremony is what makes it.  The porches are so amazing and really extend the areas where you and your g…
  • I confess that I'm having my yearly shopping spree issue and I dont have the money to do it but there's just this itch to buy new clothes but I know I should wait until I lose some weight. UGH!
  • Morning Sounds like you ladies have a more eventful day than myself! Have fun =] I'm working until 4 and then I need to go to my (now) old home and make sure it's all clean and everything is out, as it's our last official day in there. Going to h…