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  • Thanks GolfChick - I will actually be having my ceremony in Hyde Park (in June) so there are plenty of places to stop for pictures on the way to the Grand, i.e. Vanderbilt, Norie Point, Marist's waterfront park, Locust Grove, etc. That's really why …
  • Thanks for the input.  We've considered all of the above.  We don't really want to do something that we would go on for just a normal vacation (like the Outer Banks or Florida, both of which we've done before), and my parents went to Canada and did …
  • If you have a website or some sort of contact for this florist, would you be able to give it to me?  I am looking to have plumeria sent to NY for my June 2012 wedding. Thank you!
  • Thanks so much everyone! We went there on Sunday and met with Tara. She was great and we loved the hotel. So now we just have to talk to the priest and then we're ready to book!!
  • I'm more or less looking for somewhere in NY that grows Plumeria and will sell the plant/tree to me within the week (or two) before my wedding.  My grandmother is my florist, so I do not need to find a florist who works with Plumeria to put arrangem…
  • In Response to Re: East Coast Honeymoon ideas? No flying please: [QUOTE]In Response to Re: East Coast Honeymoon ideas? No flying please : Florida is a bit of a drive from NY... What type of trip do you want this to be, beach, city, or mountains an…
  • I am having a similar situation, too.  I am getting married in June 2012 in NY and love the plumerias! Our original plan was to have a destination wedding on a private Caribbean beach/cruise wedding, but it was just proving too difficult to coordina…
  • It is printed on the back sort of like a postcard, yes.  But it is not a postcard.  It wasn't pictured that way when I ordered them, but admittedly I couldn't see the back.It's just weird that it was printed that way when I didn't expect it.  It doe…
  • jen3000 - WOW we really do have literally the same experience!! I also had gone to one more store after trying on about 10-15 dresses at this one (which was my second time shopping).  In total I have probably tried about 20-30 dresses and this one i…
  • thank you! might it be plumeriaweddingflowerboutique.com? the website that you listed comes up as domain not found. i would like to check out a place that others have experienced and provide good feedback on flower quality.  i am considering orderin…