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  • I almost commented on your fb status to say "Britt, If this crap starts filling up my newsfeed I'm not sure how I'm going to feel about it!"
  • Looks great!! Congrats
  • In Response to Re: Advice needed - quickly!: [QUOTE]pashmina by far. I mean this in the nicest way possible. You are classy. the keychain IMO looks cheap. sorry. It doesnt live up to the Britt I have in my head. hahaha. Posted by aenordan[/QUOTE] …
  • Way to go ladies! Now you have me wanting to get my girls a pashmina!! Ugh...
  • oh dear lord! what a mess!
  • -ordered groomsman gifts -flowergirl dress arrived! -choose my cake - worked on some special songs with my dj - got the first part of my invites in - Finished my bar sign
  • I'm not a wino but I've heard white zinfandel is pretty popular. My sister in law loves it and that is what they served at their wedding. My venue is providing white zinfandel, Chardonnay, pinot grigio, cabernet savignon, melot, shiraz, pinot Noir.…
  • LOVE our cake! The flavors and design. We're having a 4 tiered octagon cake with some sheet cakes. Buttercream only. Flavors: Pink Champagne with a strawberry filling, banana with a vanilla buttercream, and Yellow cake with raspberry filling! I …
  • So I really wanted to help you but this post was super confusing for me! I don't understand what you would be using the paper for the programs for, because I don't know your program style. If its booklet style and you are having cardstock be like bo…
  • In Response to Re: Opinionated ladies come here please!: [QUOTE]I agree with everyone else. The willow tree topper is really pretty, though. Is it actually a cake topper? I know the one my sister got was actually too heavy to sit on the top of her …
  • wow! That is just bad luck! lol
  • In Response to Re: Wedding Advice: [QUOTE]The only reason I wouldn't say elope is because I know people would ignore me like I ignored everyone else who told me that. I think the most useful advice I could give would be not to take on more than you…
  • Just try to enjoy the day And I totally know what you mean about FIs being kind of tempermental and bursting the happy bubble. My FI has done that a couple of times and its just so disheartening! lol I mean we got new plates!! Get excited!!! lol …
  • Congrats!! That is super exciting!! I can't wait for ours to show up
  • In Response to Re: Teaching my FI to dance......: [QUOTE]We plan on pulling the 6th grade sway to our first dance! :) Posted by rebeccaa12[/QUOTE] Bahahaha!! Rock it!
  • In Response to Re: Bridesmaid dress disaster: [QUOTE]Oh no!! Hopefully trying on your dress went better?? Posted by elidellio[/QUOTE] Yes, much better.
  • In Response to Re: opinions please..: [QUOTE]I do NOT think you should approach her. I do think it will give her the impression that you don't want her in the wedding any longer. Is there not a way that she could still be in the wedding? Seamstress…
  • Well my venue is the way that you walk in the doors and there is a little fireplcae and seating area and then they will have a welcome type table right by the entrance of the ballroom. The guests can't miss it. So I can either do a table like thi…
  • I'm having my dad lift it. One of the pieces of advice I have seen previously is that the veil can hinder pictures. As far as how well you are seen in the pictures of your ceremony etc. I can't not really attest to either way but I thought I would p…
  • In Response to Re: The Bachelor: [QUOTE]I agree! I was so mad Blakeley got the rose on the date!!! I want Kaci B. to win!! (the first girl he took on a date) I also like the girl who rode in on a horse last week. HATE courtney and blakeley. Posted…
  • 3 is my favorite, not that it matters
  • nice work!
    in fun day. :) Comment by w+c3 January 2012
  • Very feminine!
  • Sounds like a drag! Lol but then again it sort of sounds like my life now that I moved in with FI and we've settled into a hubby and wifey pattern. But unfortunately at this point FI's boss is an ass and is making all the guys work Saturdays (or Fri…
  • woot woot!!
    in DJ Check! Comment by w+c3 January 2012
  • In Response to Re: Must have songs: reception: [QUOTE]I ditto the cupid shuffle... and the cha cha slide! I don't care what people say about them being overplayed wedding songs... they're songs that almost anyone is willing to get up for because it…
  • weird. I just think that relationships in hollywood don't last becuase the marriages aren't put first. careers are and that never works for a marriage. Celebs are in different cities all the time. Have busy schedules. Award shows. dinner. charity. e…
  • In Response to Re: Bwhaha! Baby Chatter: [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Bwhaha! Baby Chatter : WOW. Congrats to whoever makes it through this post! lol Posted by brittandjp[/QUOTE] I did :P
  • Thanks so much ladies The reassurance is always well, reassuring haha