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    Why doesn’t Your FI care? That’s what would worry me. 
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    banana468 said:
    Ditto @LondonLisa.   She used you.  I'd tell her you expect a check.
    I wouldn’t expect to get one, but I’d be asking just the same. 
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    Stop being such a drama queen? 

    She didnt need to come dress fitting. 

    Her post fitting hang out suggestion was a good one you rejected out of hand. 

    Who schedules another commitment right after their own shower? That’s weird. 

    I think shes fine. Chill. See her at the rehearsal. 
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    levioosa said:
    I don't know that I would agree with most folks about a trip to Europe. You can budget $3,000 at MOST for a 1-2 week honeymoon if you use credit card sign-up bonuses to acquire points to use on your trip. And the money that you spend will be only on food and smaller things while there. We have been on numerous trips abroad and normally we spend the same amount as if we were still home thanks to points. We typically spend far less than $3,000 for food and other smaller purchases when 2 weeks or longer and we will cover all of our lodging, flights/trains/cars with credit card sign-up bonus points. We are planning to do Rome, Milan, and Venice in Italy over 2 weeks and won't be budgeting more than $3,000 which will hopefully be covered by our honeymoon registry. Totally doable if you have a good strategy going in to it. Hope you get the honeymoon of your dreams!
    Honeyfund registries are rude. They are essentially telling guests to give you money under the guise of deceit. They think they’re giving you a gondola ride, but I reality they’re giving you cash minus fees. If you don’t register, people will give you cash, it won’t be rude, and you’ll actually get the full amount instead of a partial gift with third party fees deducted. 
    And this thread is 7 months old. 
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    Ok. Great. You’re seeing her. Problem solved.