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  • Re: what to do about vendors who refuse to do same-sex weddings?

    Fosmoh said:
    Straight chick here, but I would absolutely want to know ahead of time if a vendor I was considering was a bigot. Please, out them*.

    *See what I did there?
    Thanks for letting us know you're straight. Almost no straight people support gay rights. Except for all the straight people who posted before you. Wouldn't want to accidentally think you're a homo cause you support gay rights.
    It's a gay wedding board. If I posted in second weddings, I would preface it by saying I have only been married once, and then give my opinion.

    I wasn't aware we were supposed to shy away from pointing out our own sexual identity.

    Also for the fact to emphasize that by a vender discriminating against gays, they not only will lose potential customers who are gay but those that are not.  you do not have to be gay to realize that these venders are F'd up and not someone you'd want to do business with.  I sure as hell wouldn't want my money going there. 

    I'm straight as well but i would absolutely want to know if a vender held this type of stance and discriminated against someone.  i'm also Caucasian and an atheist.  I would not hire a vender who is racist or phobic against different belief systems.

    So to add onto all the other comments, definitely write reviews on the vender and explain what happened.  I'd want to know if this was going on just as much as i'd want to know if a vender is racist, theophobic (god(s)/religion etc), or just an overall D*bag
  • Re: Opinion on RSVP Wording

    Yes, they are "and guest" scenarios. Mostly cuz a lot of my fiancé's friends are single. And for some of the people I know, I do not know the latest update on their dating lives. Some are even in "on again off again" relationships.

    Call up all your "and guest" folks and ask them if they have a significant other because you want to add them to the invitation.  If it's "off again", they'll tell you they don't have a significant other.  It it's "on again", they'll give you a name.  I think it's a small but important step you should take with your single friends.  What if one of them is newly dating someone who ends up marrying your friend two years down the road?  Your wedding will be remembered as the time they were first acknowledged as being "a couple" by the group of friends.  It could be a big happy deal.
  • Re: Venue Closed so RE Doing everything

    I set the first date and now the venue is sold-I let him pick a tentative date and we are looking now.

    Why would you set the date before you get your venue? What else have you booked? Your date is not your date until you have a venue.

    H and I set a date before we booked our venue. I don't really see what the problem is with that. 

    It's not a problem for everyone, but some people get so attached to a particular date that they end up inventing problems for themselves.  The only venue that was available on THAT DATE is too small for the people their parents are adding on, but they have to add the parent's people because they needed monetary help to afford the ridiculously priced venue.  Or they're trying to fit 14 months worth of planning into two months because this year THAT DATE falls on a Saturday, but next year it falls on a Monday.  Or they're going to put out all their friends and VIPs who have to travel and miss 2-3 days of work because THAT DATE is on a Thursday and they just HAVE to get married on THAT DATE.

    So, not an outright problem, but certainly can be one.
  • Re: 2 Maids of honor?

    Yes, it's normal, not to worry!

    Also it's "maids" of honor. Just a pet peeve of mine. Multiple maids, not multiple honors. 

    Like Attorneys General or Secretaries of State.

    Or Sisters-in-law
  • Re: Niece as flower girl?

    So my fiance' has 3 nieces (13, 11 and 10 years old) and a nephew (11 years old). I thought it would be a nice idea to somehow include them in the wedding. I thought about making the 13 year old niece a junior bridesmaid but I'm still up in the air about that. I only have 3 bridesmaids and my maid of honor in my line. And I've already planned to have my 5 year old nephew as the ring bearer. I was thinking of having his youngest niece, the 10 year old, be the flower girl. Now I've read on these boards and various other sites that she might be too old to be considered a flower girl. I figure - it's my wedding and I can do what I want. Granted, I haven't mentioned any of this to my fiance's family so I don't know their thoughts on it. He doesn't mind, thinks it's nice to include them. I do have a cousin with a 4 year old daughter who I could ask if she could be the flower girl but then I feel guilty that both of those roles are people from my side, you know? So I'm not sure what to do. Any advise? :)  

    If your fiance is close with these four tweens, he should ask them to stand up in his wedding as groomswomen and groomsman.  I agree that 10 is a little too old for flower girl.  And Junior Bridesmaid isn't a thing.  Bridal Parties do not have to be split along gender lines.  You should have the people you are closest to standing next to you on your wedding day, he should have his, and sides DO NOT have to be even.