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    The party in Brooklyn doesn’t need STDs. I’d send invites out around 6ish weeks in advance.  Whether I had a month or a year’s notice wouldn’t terribly alter long-distance travel plans for a celebration of marriage party.  It is fine to check the date with your VIP guests though!
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    Ditto PP- don’t worry too much about finding every kid a role.  My niece and one of my nephews were FG and RB, but my cousins’ kids didn’t have roles or tasks.  Along the lines of what @southernbelle0915 said, I did have coloring books, crayons, stickers and sticker books, and some action figures for all of the kids at the reception.
    Worrying about every kid having a role would be like worrying about making every friend a bridesmaid.  You’re just closer to some people over others, that’s okay.
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    @southernbelle0915 ; I knew we were going to disagree with names so we started a list early lol that's really only reason

    @*Barbie* I'm all for names that aren't popular {also on girl list was Harper, Avery, Audrey, Aubrey} but I didn't want one of those names that it's like "wtf :| "

    @6fsn ; yehhh 100% on the ball about the name ;) if there's another kid, that might change
    As a Jennifer myself, I'm all for "less used" names.  But, JFC (to the general public), give your child a name people have heard of...and stick to the most common spelling.  Don't make up words and throw it on a birth certificate.  That is sentencing a child to spending their life always spelling their name, correcting pronunciations, and people not remembering their name.
    Preach.  The crazy spellings irk me.  Jackson and Addison are fine, but Jaxson and Addysyn are annoy me.

    I’m all for unique names (I meet so many people, especially students at my school, born abroad) but trendy names get old very quickly in my book.

    @southernbelle0915 ugh your comment about employees in the hospital room can I “love it” more than once?? At one point I counted SIX different people (SS cards, birth certificate, a nurse, an LC, I don’t even remember who else..) in my room at once!  It’s exhausting!  I felt like adjusting my mesh diaper, standing up and demanding everyone clear out  :s
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    Ooh bath robes for BMs! Nice!  Here’s my bath robe recommendation

    I can’t promise your BP will like it though...I put robes in the undergarment category, which is highly personal.
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    I voted girl too...I like that you kept the response at the bottom and didnt edit at the top.  I hate when fb/instagram friends post a gender reveal video but make the caption “it’s a girl!” Like let me be surprised  :D

    How exciting for you guys- congrats!  Pretty name.  And that’s a great time of year to have a baby/have a birthday :)