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Privacy Issue due to DV situation I have a unique situation. I have a formal abusive ex who has been stalking me since being released from prison. I have taken all steps to secure my privacy online to avoid being contacted in every way, including filing a restraining order. However, in creating a website for our cash fund, it appears that when you search my name, my wedding registry website shows up. Per Google, it shows: "[name redacted] and [name redacted] Wedding Registry › [name-redacted-name-redacted]... [name redacted] and [name redacted] from [location redacted] have registered at The Knot Cash Funds for their wedding on [date redacted]." Now, I have created my website with The Knot and chose the option to have it password protected so that only those who have the password will be able to see details. However, it is confusing to me as to why the website can be private, but the registry is public and not only includes our full names, but includes the location where we will be married and the date. I have tried to remove this from public search but this is tied to the website specifically.  Is there anyone out there who has some compassion and understanding and is willing to help. This is a matter of safety and security for myself and my family and I need to make this registry private. 


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