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How to delete a registry from my website?

My fiance and I decided to change one of the stores we registered at.  I deleted the registry from the actual store website, and I made it "hidden" on our site... but you can still see it when you hover over our "Registry" page as a user.  Is there a way to delete it entirely?  

Re: How to delete a registry from my website?

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    Try this on the tech board, you might get better responses there. =)

  • We just fixed this same problem!  It was hard to find.  You go to Registry on the homepage.  Choose dropdown option:  "Manage your Registries"  Then click the blue "display settings" button.  Go to "Your Registry Settings" and click on the pencil next to it.  This will allow you to edit.  Then you should see an option to remove.  Hope this helps!
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