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Restaurants/hotels/etc. in downtown St. Pete for 14 person "reception"?

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Hi everyone! I am having a TON of trouble trying to find a place to hang out after my ceremony. I know someone just posted with a similar question, but mine is a little different. I already know that our ceremony will be in Vinoy park (which is public) in the evening, probably around 7 or so due to the extreme heat around here in summertime (it will be sometime between July and September). We have our guest list complete: my parents, his mom and date with their respective SOs, and three close friends with their dates...so 14 including us. I want to do something after, like dinner or even just drinks and appetizers. But, it is important to me that we don't just go out and reserve a table for 14...I want a place where we could rent out a room in a restaurant or a space in a hotel or something...but for only 14 people. Everything I have looked at, they want like 30+ people. My original idea was Ferg's, which, if you aren't familiar, is a big sports bar right across from Tropicana Field (TB Rays) and also the site of our first date. I love the place...it's not classy at all, it's a junky sports bar, but it's our type of place. The issue there is, there is one upstairs area that could potentially be rented out, but it's going be look a little odd having just the 14 of us there since it can probably accommodate 100+ people. I DO NOT want to invite more people just to fill up space...I want it t be small and intimate, and only the most important people will be there, so that's one area I won't budge. I would like something in walking distance of the park (anywhere in the main downtown area would be fine) but I'm also willing to go farther away if I find what I want. So, does anyone know of a restaurant that has a room for around that many that we could rent out? Or a hotel that might have a super small room to rent? Or anything like this, somewhere in St. Pete? Thanks for your help!

Oh yeah, budget...I'd really like to stay under $1000. I mean, all I really want is a little get-together for food and drinks for a couple hours...but my budget is flexible if I find something perfect!

Re: Restaurants/hotels/etc. in downtown St. Pete for 14 person "reception"?

  • Just a word of advice - it's really hard to locate a place in this area that will allow you to reserve a room for less than 1k. I've been looking for a rehearsal dinner location for 15 ppl and there is not a single one that doesn't charge a minimum of 1k in food and beverage sales (not including taxes and service fees). We decided to just make a regular reservation, but I hope you find something!
  • Parkshore Grill has a private dining room for up to 24 guests. 

    And to avoid what Psilovyouu said, just say you are having a dinner party for 14.  Don't mention wedding, rehearsal, reception, or anything else.  That way, you will just pay for the food, just as any other party of 14 would.

  • 400 Beach Seafood and Tap Grille has a room that will fit 30 people packed in, and 14 will probably be just right.  You have to pay $100 to get the room, that's all. 

  • Hey @VerizonGirl...thank you! We actually did decide on 400 Beach. My mom suggested it also and it turned out to be just what we were looking for. Thanks!
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