Best way for out of town guests to get to Petoskey?

My fiancé and I live in Ann Arbor but we are thinking about having our wedding in Petoskey since it is where we first met.  The only issue is, I am originally from Florida and will be having a lot of guests flying in, but it looks like the closest airport is in Traverse City, about an hour away (and is pretty expensive).  Does anyone have experience with planning a wedding in a less-accessible location and/or know the area and the best way to advise people to get there?  I love the area but I'm worried about a lot of guests declining because the trip is too much for them. :/  I've thought about possibly renting a bus from Ann Arbor so people could fly into Detroit, but no idea how much that would cost or if I'm just overcomplicating things.  

Re: Best way for out of town guests to get to Petoskey?

  • Let your guests make their own travel arrangements...  Traverse City is probably the way for them to go in terms of flight...  It's not the end of the world as long as they know they're going to need a rental car and book it in advance...
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