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Mason jar idea for drinks

Hi! so I am getting married on September 17 and am really starting to second guess some of my earlier decisions and am not sure how it will look.  My fiance and I were planning to have our guests drink out of glass mason jars for the non-alcoholic drinks for the evening but then have disposable wine glasses and disposable cups for the alcoholic beverages.  I am not sure how it will look having some glasses and then disposable, should they all be the same type or does it matter?  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.


  • climbingwifeclimbingwife NYC 'burbs
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    I think you should skip the mason jars. Ditto that they're not always the easiest to drink out of. And If I use a mason jar and want to drink a different drink, I've then got to either reuse mine or take a new one. It's not really ideal. 

  • Ditto everyone.

    Also, I'm going to tilt my head slightly about the glass for non alcoholic and disposable for the alcohol.   Just keep it consistent. 
  • Same as everyone else, skip the jars and just stick with regular glasses for everyone. 
  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall
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    Ditto. Aside from the awkwardness of drinking from a mason jar, isn't that trend over yet? 
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  • Ditto PP that it's tricky to drink out of a mason jar...higher chance of spilling on yourself, which dressed up wedding guests wouldn't love.
    If you've already purchased a bunch of mason jars, maybe incorporate them into the centerpiece or favors somehow?
  • Mason jars are soooo over.  Don't do it.

  • scribe95 said:

    I agree the mason jar trend is over. But apparently I am the only one who has no problem drinking out of them? 

    Probably not, but I definitely understand why people have trouble. Sometimes the threads cause me to dribble and then I feel like a freakin idiot. But it's only when I'm not paying 100% attention to my drink (this is based on a single experience drinking out of mason jars, so not the best sample size).
  • If you're dead set on mason jars, please provide straws. I grew up drinking out of them (farm life) and they don't bother me, but I also have sensitive teeth, so I would be looking for straws anyway.  It will solve the "difficult to drink from" issue. 

    I think having a mix a mix of glass and disposable is kind of silly. Just go with one or the other.
  • If you really want to stick with the mason jars, you could differentiate the type of drink by using different straw colors. I actually love the mason jar idea! 

  • I think having a mix a mix of glass and disposable is kind of silly. Just go with one or the other.

    Ditto.  Glass vessels for everyone, or disposables for everyone.  
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