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I have been searching to find a wedding venue where I could get married outside and have the reception inside. Ideally I would like to get married under large oak trees and have the reception in an old barn (with a/c  of course).  Unfortunately I haven't been able to locate one in the north Houston area.  PLEASE HELP!!!!!!  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. 
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Re: Rustic/Western Wedding Venue

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    This pretty much sounds perfect for you.


    I wanted to have my wedding there, but ended up at Centurion Palace on the opposite side of town. lol
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    Thank you for your suggestion!  I have seen that venue before but it seems a little too formal for what we have in mind.  We are trying to find something a little more casual. 
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    Ashleynn Manor
    Briscoe Manor
    Houston Oaks
    Crystal Springs
    and George Ranch
    All are beautiful and Rustic!!

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    Amber Springs is in Montgomery, just like Crystal Springs only its a wood hall, very beautiful!
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    Thanks! We actually ended up booking Amber Springs! I appreciate all the help.  Now to just try to get centerpieces figured out Wink
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    I am leaning towards great oaks manor, myself, it is really pretty, and I LOVE live oaks...
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    Ooooh, I LOVE Amber Springs on it's website. What kinda pricing are we talking about for this venue?
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    They have different pricing for different months and days of the week, of course Saturday is the more expensive day of the week.  You can contact them for a price list.  Smile
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  • I LOVE the Springs Events venues! I think we're going to book Crystal Springs for next November! I love it because you have a full 16 hours for the venue and their prices are absolutely amazing. The ground are gorgeous and country and the hall is beautiful. I'm doing a majorly DIY but simple wedding, so the cost of the venue is perfect! I'm also having a very country/rustic wedding so it goes well with my theme. 
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