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New Mexico

guitarist/violinist in albuquerque

Hi! So I am looking for a guitarist for my ceremony. I heard from my venue that Ambrose Rivera is amazing, however I'm struggling finding his information online. Has anyone used him or been to a wedding where he's played?

Also, I recently heard a CD with a guitar/violin duo and it was beautiful... i know this is a bit of a long shot, but does anyone know of a guitar/violin duo in albuquerque?

I really appreciate any help - I am distance planning from Portland and I just hit the "less than six months away!" mark.


Re: guitarist/violinist in albuquerque

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    there is soem guy with the last name pimentel that plays at casa de benvidez who is awesome.  I don't have his info but I bet you can google him:)
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    Hiring UNM music students is probably an option as well. I haven't seen anything about small ensembles on their website, but you could probably contact the department and ask around.
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    I used a harpist from Celebration Sounds here in Albuquerque for my wedding. I believe that they have a number of musicians on their roster who play all sorts of instruments. They were very professional and fairly reasonable in price. The number is (505) 898-9584.

    Good luck!
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    also check into the flamenco school, they have great guitar students!
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    At a friends wedding Michael Chapdelaine was the guitarist and he was amazing, this was in 07, I am not sure if he still does weddings but you can check here is his website.

    Also for Pimentel, I know of a Gustavo who plays wedding, I've heard him a few times, he was very good.  here is his website:

    Good luck!!!
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    Ambrose is actually my dads guitar teacher!  he is awesome.  he teaches in the east mountains 

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    Village guitarist is where you can reach ambrose rivera!
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    thank you! i spoke with him today and am really excited for him to play at my ceremony!
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