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Reception Question

We are having a destination wedding in Florida in April 2010. In June 2010 we are having a reception here in Holland, Ohio. I have already posted something on here earlier asking if it would be appropriate to wear my wedding dress at the reception here too and the consensus was 'yes'. Another question now: how do we handle our appearance at the reception? Do we greet quests as they arrive? Do we make an "entrance" 30 minutes after the start of the reception?  I'm open to suggestions, just not really sure what we want to do . . .

Re: Reception Question

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    Since you are already going to be married and you are not having a cermony here that everyone got to attend and see I would greet as they come in. Some of your guest may find it rude that they are at your reception and you are not even there. I went to a reception only because the couple got married in vegas and they did the entance about 1/2 hour into it, and people were actually starting to leave because they were irritated that they didn't get to witness the cermony and the couple wasn't there yet. They felt as if they were not good enough to be greeted they were just there for a gift.
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    I'm pretty much leaning towards greeting guests as they arrive. I went to a reception where the bride and groom made an entrance about 30 minutes into it, it wasn't bad . . . but waiting there is never fun. However, I don't see anyone getting upset because they weren't there for the ceremony, at least not on our end. We've been together for over 10 years and really want our day to be about us and not the craziness that goes along with having a wedding and reception on the same day. We want to share the joy of our union and enjoy the company of our family and close friends at a reception that is not on our wedding day, regardless of receiving a gift.  Thanks for the input. I was thinking that it would be appropriate and thoughtful of us to greet guests as they arrive.
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    I agree that greeting guests as they arrive would be very nice. :)
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