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My little tiny Heiny:)

I am naturally very tiny (5'6, 114lbs), but the problem is....I have them SMALLEST bum ever! I constantly get "oh, your so lucky, your so small" blah blah blah, but we all want what we dont have and I want boobs and a butt! lol. Now, boobs might not be acheivable through exercise but i know it IS possible to boost my bum by working out im just not sure what I need to be doing! I just think curves are beautiful and i know I have seen lots of people my size with curves but I just dont know how to get them! I even went so far as buying padded underwear! lol, weird, i know but i just wanted to be able to put on a dress and feel like I had a smokin' hot toosh! Any tips or advice on moves that may help to buil muscle back there so I can feel more confident?

Re: My little tiny Heiny:)

  • One thing I know feels like it's working my rear is when I'm in a plank position and I lift one leg at a time straight up behind me towards the ceiling and pulse it for a few seconds, then alternate. I'm not sure if I described it well but I bet there are a ton of moves online that you can find. Good luck! I'd give you the extra volume from my heiny if I could :)
  • Heehee I'm not so tiny at 5'10", but I did have a flat tush for the longest time! Believe it or not, after I did Insanity for a couple of months, both my mom and sister (on separate occasions) said that it looked like I had more of a booty. I've also done Brazil Butt Lift (from, and the program can seem silly at times (especially the instructor), I must admit it has a TON of good exercises for boosting your rear. Good luck!

  • I think in general just try to target your rear when you excercise...  For example, when you do squats, bridges, leg lifts, etc. make sure you're using your bum muscles instead of leg, back, etc.  This is better for your body, too.  Takes pressure off your legs and back, which most people overuse.
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  • lay on your back with your knees up and feet flat on the floor

    lift your bum up so your body creates a flat angle (while squeezing that bum!)

    lower and lift again and keep repeating.. you'll definitely feel it! This is to tighten and lift your butt so it would probably give you more of a lift/bubble butt =]

    hope this helps!Smile good luck! 
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    Squats and dead lifts.  Be sure to squeeze with each lift.  GL.
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  • I think that there are certain moves, like lunges and deadlifts, that can help but I also think genetics have a large part to play. I have no butt at all. When I am on the heavier side, it gets a little bit bigger (with fat, not muscle, obviously) but not so much that I have any badunkadunk. When I get in shape it gets smaller, but still, no badunkadunk. It just isn't in my genes. Wasn't in my mom's either, she used to apologize to me for it, told me I would always have a flat butt, not much I could do about it. I just want to throw that out there, because at a certain point, you can do all the deadlifts in the world and you might not get the 'pop' you would like.
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  • yoga is great for the booty!
  • Get on a bike at the gym or a real one for 15 minutes a few times a week. Make sure you pedal with your butt cheeks - as weird as that sounds. Your ass should literally be on fire by the end of the 15 minutes. Also, one of the Jillian Michaels workouts ( I want to say 30 day shred?) must be really good because my sister has a tiny tush as well and she had some boootayyyy after doing that for a while!
  • Thanks so much to everyone for the helP!!!! I will definitly be trying some of the exercises u suggested and checking out the vids too!!! for those of you who said you have small chests.... im definitly lacking in that department too.... I always say, if they got any smaller they would be growing in, but for some reason, doesnt bother me as much as the butt! lol. Maybe cuz wearing a padded bra is the norm? But as for the padded bums, the thing that bothers me and why i dont want to wear it on my wedding day is because they are nowhere near as sexy as a padded bra! lol.... i could only find them in NUDE and they are huge granny panties that are actually formed like a butt.... crack and all, lol.... soooooooooooo not what i want him to see when he slides off that pretty white dress haha. I mean, of course he has seen it before and he thinks its funny, but thats just not the look im going for on my wedding day:P Anywyas, mny dress just came in on friday and i went to try it on today for the first time and  i love love LOOOOVE it, but, still definitly need to find a way to boost my rump! I will see what they can do with a crinolin.... hopefully that will help! Thanks again all:)
    OH! and @ horatiocaine

    Well, I guess somebody... a little behind.

    As much as I HATE him, i mean, i cant even watch miami because i him, lol..... That was awesome, and pretty much exactly what he would probably say to that! lol

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