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Courthouse wedding procedure

What is the procedure for a simple court house wedding?
We paid and received our license along with a list of judges. We are past the 72 hour waiting period and I am aware it is valid for 3 weeks.

Do we simply call and request the date in mind? What else do we need to do/know? What exactly happens during the ceremony? We will be having a church ceremony a few months later. Please help!

Re: Courthouse wedding procedure

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    Hi there.. I had a civil ceremony prior to my big Persian Wedding.. and it was pretty simple. We called and made an appointment with one of the judges near my work. DH, my mom, and my MIL showed up ,and we went and did  it during my lunch break and afterwards we went to lunch together.

    It goes pretty fast. The judge gave us a print out of what he recited; it was about a page long. He reads it, and we say I do, and that was it. It lasted about 20 minutes total from waiting room to the end.
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    I have no idea.  Can you call the courthouse and ask them?  Have you visited their website - could that information be listed there?

    ETA: Haha.  Thanks for piping in Kathy.  I had no idea, but I wanted to try to be helpful.
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    I dont know the procedure but I will be contacting the courthouse during Spring Break to get more details and set everything up.
    MIJ I hope all goes well!
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