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Going crazy...any ideas?

I am not new to the knot, but I have only just discovered the July 2012 board. I'm glad it's here because I could use the support! My wedding is July 20th.

I am going absolutely crazy... not because I have too much to do, though. I really have most everything taken care of. I just am so ready for my wedding day to be here. Ready to be living with my FI and not with my parents. I graduated from college only two weeks ago and I am already going insane being back in my parents' house again... I'm so tired of not being able to run my own home, deal with my own finances, and tired of waiting to be a wife!

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep my mind busy? I work an office job M-F but I still can't seem to think of anything else. Help!
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Re: Going crazy...any ideas?

  • Congrats on graduating! I'm sure you're pretty young still, so don't feel like youve waited your whole life to be a wife! lol. Get a membership at the gym and start taking evening classes or do workouts there would be a good way to keep yourself occupied. You can read some pre-marital books to prepare you, make dinner dates with friends. Enjoy "you" time!
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  • What I wouldn't give to have too much time on my hands . . . hahaha. Do you really have nothing to do for the wedding? Nothing? If so, I am super jealous.
    Go to the park/beach
    Go for a hike
    Read a book
    Watch tv
    Go to the movies
    Make dates with friends
    Go through your closet and donate old clothing
    Clean your parents' house
    Wash your car
    Wash your parents' car(s)
    Learn to cook (or, if you're a great cook, learn some fun new recipes)
    Cook for your parents
    Volunteer at an animal clinic
    Bake cookies for the elderly
    Go to the gym
    Go for a bike ride
    Sit in the sun and do nothing
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  • Congratulations on everything in your life! Relax and enjoy your down time for now! Get a gym membership or starting biking or walking every night.  Or do one of pp's ideas as well. What I would do to be in your shoes with nothing to do.  

  • Welcome! I'm a July 20 bride as well, congrats! Bridetobe offered a lot of great suggestions. Are you crafty? If so, pinterest will give you lots of great ideas for fun little projects to do. I like to go to this awesome antique/consignment store near my house and finding neat things to repurpose. For example I did something like this with an old window pane, paint, and pretty scrapbooking paper; http://pinterest.com/pin/34199278389874419/ (clicky link).  I think the whole project cost me less thatn $20. GL!
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  • Haha..I was totally going to say "I hear pinterest is addicting"..but someone beat me to the punch. Never used it - but I hear it's the stuff.

    Do you have a library card? :p
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  • Bride2Be's suggestions are great, and wholesome ( :

    You could always waste time on TK- since you just found the July board you'll have a lot to read!
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  • In Response to Re: Going crazy...any ideas?:
    Bride2Be's suggestions are great, and wholesome ( : You could always waste time on TK- since you just found the July board you'll have a lot to read!
    Posted by toomanychoices17
    That's exactly what I was thinking, lol.
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  • yea...I would recommend continuing to get on here, and pinterest. Those will easily eat up half of your work day, hahaha. 

    Yoga classes, zumba, reading, hiking, laying by the pool, arts and crafts (you can find tons of fun stuff to do that you never would have thought of before on pinterest)....what I wouldn't give to just have free time to waste!!!! 
  • I wish i had alot of free time on my hands!!! Jelous!!!
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  • Thank you guys so much! You have given me a ton of really great ideas. I already go to the gym every day (gotta lose for my first fitting!) and FI and I have discussed finances so much it's almost overkill haha. We have done our premarital counselling too. All the wedding stuff I have left (other than the appointments like fittings and tastings) are getting the guest book supplies, finishing up the favors, and putting together the out-of-town gift baskets.

    I think I need to take up reading again. I absolutely love reading, and when I saw that as a suggestion from PP I realized it has been so long since I have read!

    You guys are great, I'm glad I have found this board to chat with everyone going through the same things as me!! :)
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