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any ideas??

so we all know about the "traditional" throwing of the bird seed, rose petals,  ect. for the bride and groom's exit. well I would really like to have something cute like that done for our exit, however, our venue is insanely strict on those kinds of things. they don't allow confetti, seeds (even the bio-degradadable stuff), petals, bubbles, etc. we though sparklers would be nice but they rejected that idea as well. basically what we have come to understand is that they want no clean-up what so ever outside. so, does anyone have any cute ideas about what we could have guests do for our exit. the only thing the venue would tell us when we asked what they suggest was to find some nice "light up objects" they could wave around. um, ok? 

Re: any ideas??

  • How could bubbles be that messy?  Of course, if there are children there I could see them getting spilled.  Perhaps your venue would like your guests to use air horns as they leave no trace?   But seriously...I was going to suggest sparklers but I see that they shot those down too.   Are you outside or inside while this is happening?  Maybe clappers or little bells?
  • Ignore my outside/inside question...I realized you probably have to be outside if you suggested sparklers.  LOL...
  • What about a balloon release? That's no cleanup for them, since they all fly away.Or have your guests do the wave. That could be fun. :)
  • Bubbles are sometimes banned because the soap can be quite slippery on certain surfaces--it becomes like ice! How about clapping and cheering?  Cheap, effective, and no clean up. 
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  • When my sister married two years ago, we were given small bells to ring as they left the church.  We kept them to use at the reception.  Kinda like tapping the knife on the stem of a wine glass to request the couple to kiss.  It was a cute idea.
  • the bells are a cute idea! i never thought of that. i know its not an absolute must to have something done for the exit but its just something i had always imagined doing. since the venue said they had seen a lot of cute things done i just thought maybe other people had thought of other things i had not. thanks for the suggestions ladies!
  • If its at night you could get small flashlights from the dollar store. Add wedding color ribbons to make the ribbion wands or there are some cute fiberoptic wands for girls around for pretty cheap. Tammy
  • We are going to be using Kazoos and/or Clackers. They make special wedding bell shaped clackers too:
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