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female best man?

My fiancee is thinking he may want his best female friend to act as best man.  What would we call her since she is not a man? Best woman sounds a little odd.  I'm sure other couples have gone with this nontraditional situation, and am curious as to what they have used as a title.Thanks!

Re: female best man?

  • Best woman sounds fine to me.  You could always call her an honor attendant.
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  • Best Woman is fine. So is the tolitle, Groom's Attendant.
  • Honor Attendant
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  • Best woman Honor Attendant
  • My friends FH started off thinking the same ecen asked her etc but here a month before it just got weird & they changed it... she dropped out totally by her own choice but if it something you don tmind fine but I think that unless they are truly best friends... it is a bit uncomfotable... in this case they had dated breifly before... neverthe less the bride was like ok but never 100% so it has all worked out but... it can be a bit uncomfotable
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