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Table assignments for reception

What is everyone doing for table assignments?  I mean as far as the table "numbering".  Are you just using numbers?  Or are you using song titles, places you've visited, etc.

I was thinking of honoring deceased loved ones.  For example, my mother's initials were BSP.  So, a table would be the BSP table and maybe have a picture of her on the table. 

I was this too morbid?  I'm kind of thinking it is. 

I guess if I have to ask, I already know the answer, but I was looking for some feedback and ideas.

And please be nice :)

Thank you in advance :)

Re: Table assignments for reception

  • It does seem like using initials like that might be kind of offputting for a wedding reception, but I completely understand your desire to recognize loved ones who have passed away. We opted for a moment of reflection during the ceremony to honor my dad and our grandparents, along with a little blurb in our programs. And although I've gotten mixed opinions on this, I have chosen to simply leave an empty chair at the table where my mom, brother, and uncles are sitting to honor my dad. I've been told this is morbid as well, but it's important to me. (And I have no intention of explaining why the chair is empty or leaving a sign or anything..) 

    Sorry, I'm rambling :) We just stuck with regular table numbers because a lot of our family isn't familiar with assigned tables, and we didn't want to make it confusing by using anything other than numbers.  I'm not sure any of this was helpful, but good luck in making your decisions!

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    I think there are probably better ways to honor your loved ones.  Alot of girls do memory tables--a small table dedicated to loved ones, often with pictures, candles, flowers, etc.  You can also make or purchase memory candles--an actual large candle wrapped with vellum that has their picture on it.  I've seen some lovely ones done by brides here.  Just a thought.
    ETA: Here's a picture of an example:

  • I would be really creeped out to sit at a table with a dead loved one's initials as the designation. 
  • Ditto pp's.. I wouldn't name the tables after deceased loved ones. I like the idea of having a memory table with candles lit or mentioning them in the programs.

    We also didn't do table numbers and did table names. We named the tables after places we've been together. The escort cards were post cards from the destination the table was named after. So if you were sitting at Table Cancun, your escort card was a post card from Cancun. We also had a picture of us in the location the table was named after at the table. Pictures in my married bio of how it turned out. The guests loved the creativeness behind it and seeing where we've traveled.
  • We are doing fish bowls as part of our center piece and we are going to find number to put in the middle of the bowls. Probably made of some kind of rock. Not sure yet.
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  • I agree with pp's that naming tables after deceased is a little morbid.  But, I understand that you want to honor them.  Here are some other ideas:

    Number the tables 1 through 10 (or more, whatever you need)  Put pictures of you and FI at those ages.  Example:  Table 1 has a picture of you at age one, and FI at age one.  And so on.

    Number the tables according to special numbers for you and FI.  Number of days you've been together, date you went on first date, numerical part of your address, etc.
  • I come from a huge family that has lost a lot of loved ones.  We don't view death as morbid, but are mostly grateful that we had those people in our lives.
    I don't think they would be disturbed by this.  However, I do think it would take their minds to place I would rather them not be on that day.
    I don't want to shoot down your idea, because I completely understand your reasoning.  I just think you should find a way to honor these loved ones that will be more comfortable for your guests.
    I plan on doing a seperate table with pictures for loved ones who have passed. 
    I absolutely love the chair for Dad that the previous poster spoke of.

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  • I think it is a little creepy, but it's your day!!  My FI's father passed when he was young so we are having a special table with a framed picture of him and nice candles etc.  My FI really liked this idea, like he is there for the day and not forgotten.....

  • It's a little sad for something that's supposed to be a happy time.

    My wedding is Irish themed to I did the names of different cities/counties in Ireland
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  • I am also trying to come up with a good idea to honor my fiance's father who passed away.  I am going to bring up idea's and then just see what he thinks is fitting, since it is his father.  I was trying to think of a good way to honor your mother and thought of this..have a table with all her loved ones(or whoever you wanted), and decorate it in her favorite color?  Just an idea, I don't know if it would be too out of place with the rest of your wedding colors but it seems like a nice, understated way of honoring her.  GOOD LUCK!  
  • My grandfather passed away in March.  I bought them a sign for their 60th wedding anniversary that says "all because two people fell in love"  and I plan on putting that on a table with a pic of my grandparents. 
    (I just REALLY like that saying.  It kinda addresses how all of us will be there because two people met and fell in love.)
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  • I didn't read all of the responses, so forgive me if this was mentioned, but what about naming the tables after something your mom or past loved ones liked?

    For example, if your mother really liked a special flower--why not name your tables after flowers, making sure that her favorites are part of the order (roses, tulips, lilacs, etc.).

    Good luck!
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    I am considering doing a photo of my parents at their wedding; which I'll place on my cake table.  I am also going to make mention in my program.  In term of the empty chairs, or initials or names - I think that is a bit much personally.  You might consider a dance in honor of your loved ones unable to be there *i.e "Unforgettable" by Nat King Cole.  For table #'s let it be a reflection of you.  I had an artist sketch a designer shoe (I'm a shoe freak) and the tables are listed, McQueen, Blahnik etc....
  • In Response to Re: Table assignments for reception:
    Instead of using initials, you might be able to name them after things they loved. For example, your mom's favorite song or musician, or a favorite author. To you they can represent your loved ones, but your guests won't have thoughts of deceased people during dinner.
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    THIS!  If your relatives all had favorite flowers, wouldn't it be fun to sit at the lavendar table?  Plus, I think it could be a fun conversation starter...Or favorite songs :)

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  • my dad passed away a few years ago and he was a massive montreal canadians hockey fan, so we are naming the tables after his favorite players from their hay-day eg Guy LaFleur and so on, it means something to me but not morbid IMO. Of course I'll probably have to explain it to everyone cuz hockey is not so popluar in the UK, especially where i live!
  • I went to a wedding recently who had a table with pictures of their deceased as if they had a place to sit. My FSIL was just married and they had items of the deceased (ring, rosery, handkerchief, etc). FI only have 2 deceased (my grandfather and his neice) so one the table that my grandmother and his sister sit at the vase for the table will have a "In loving memory..." on it.
  • In Response to Re: Table assignments for reception:
    Instead of using initials, you might be able to name them after things they loved. For example, your mom's favorite song or musician, or a favorite author. To you they can represent your loved ones, but your guests won't have thoughts of deceased people during dinner.
    Posted by springlee
    I think this is a nice balance.  The best memorials at weddings, IMO, are the private ones.
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