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Okay, so I am having a little cousin has very graciously volunteered to be my day of coordinator and help set things up, etc (she has lots of experience with weddings), so I was really excited about that.  I contacted my reception site to see what time she and one or two of my friends could come in to setup the decorations, etc (because I made most of them myself) and the lady is giving me major attitude about the whole thing.  She said if I give them instructions there is no reason why her staff can't set things up, etc and in her latest e-mail she basically said her staff was fully capable, but I can do whatever I want.  I am afraid she is going to be angry, but I am such a details person I want my cousin to set things up, so that I know everything is in place.  This is mostly just a vent, but am I being a bridezilla???

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    Well, I can kind of see it both ways. It's great that your cousin wants to help you out by making sure that everything is perfect the day of, but when you book with a vendor, they typically take care of all of that coordination stuff, that's there job. My reception place is doing everything for us with the set-up, however, I trust my venue coordinator entirely to ensure that everything is just how I want it. Maybe if it makes you feel uncomfortable, have the venue coordinators set everything up and have your cousin do a walk through just to make sure that everything will be to your liking. If something is wrong, then your cousin can just fix it. I don't think you're being bridezilla. Just dont' stress too much about it. Everything will turn out perfect and beautiful.
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