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Proof my program?

Please be kind, it's late and I'm working with tired eyes haha I'd love some feedback for proofing and order. I decided to outline more detailed due to the Mass changes. I haven't finalized how I'll lay out the bridal party page or what we'll do with the back. 

They are desiged as the front and back for the first image, 1st and 6th page, 2nd and 5th page, and 3rd and 4th page. 


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Re: Proof my program?

  • Can you send your program to the church for proofing?  We were required to do that with our program.  The priest, musician, and wedding coordinator all looked at it (and had different things to add).  You might get the best feedback from them.
  • -Weddings do not have a gloria
    -If you haven't already, check with the priest on the penitential rite. That is their choice which option they choose

  • I would definitely ask someone at the Church to proof it, because they're more easily notice errors.  But from a "does it look nice" perspective, I think it looks great!


  • Actually, with the new re-translation, weddings DO have a Gloria. 
    Catholic Wedding Help mentions it (clicky) and I could find the official quotation (which I know I've read,) if you really want it.
  • That's news to me.... but then the penitential rite is omitted ..that's what I'm reading.
  • My friend just had a Catholic full mass ceremony and I copied the layout of hers. She had both the gloria and penitential rite. We'll see! I'll send it to the Basilica and hopefully they give feedback :) 
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