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Has anyone ever used this company before for pictures. They seem reasonably priced at $695 for 6 hours.  Thank you! Teresa

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  • It appears they are part of a company called "The Pros." They also emailed me and after googling, I found they have mixed reviews. This person asked basically the same question as you, outside of KC though.

    We, too, were on a tight budget for our wedding photography but were obviously concerned about sacrificing quality. After meeting with several photographers with a variety of price ranges, we chose to go with Sorenson Photography. We are getting his most expensive package (I don't want to miss a moment!), but he has smaller packages and was willing to work with us to customize ours to make it exactly what we needed.

    We aren't getting married until June 2013, so I can't actually give you a "review," but I can tell you that after meeting with him, I don't think I could possibly feel more comfortable with a photographer. Here's the link to his pricing: http://www.sorensonphotography.net/html/pricing.html

    Good luck in your search!
  • Thank you! I will check them out as well. I am also getting married June 2013, (1st) and I am on a budget as well. This company sounds good, but I need to check out reviews. I will look under their other name as well!

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    Hello fellow June KC brides!  One other place you might consider is Embracing the Call Photography.  Her photos are very good and I've been corresponding with her about other photos but she's been very responsive and her prices seem to be comparable.  I don't know about her wedding packages though.

    ETA: Her website is embracingthecallphotog.wordpress.com and her name is Jennifer Drake.  Phone number 816-805-8808.
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    I would second the recommendation for sorensonphotography. See my recent post "Reasonably Priced Photographer Recommendation."
  • Make that a third rec for Mark Sorenson.  We used him for our wedding, last october, and just recently for my son's graduation pics.  I saw a few on his camera and they are amazing.  I can't wait to see the final pics when I pick up the CD.
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