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How do we announce elopement??

When we get back, what are we supposed to do to let people know we've eloped?

What's customary, and is it tacky to send just a photo postcard to people?

FYI our wedding info was all done via word of mouth, we hadn't even sent out our STDs before we decided to elope...


Re: How do we announce elopement??

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    Wha...?!  I don't know about the answer to the question, I'm just surprised at the post.  Are you still doing that lovely dress you picked out?  In the interest of addressing the actual topic...I would think a nice card perhaps incorporating your photo would be appropriate.  I wouldn't necessarily go POSTcard, but in all honesty, I don't know real etiquette on this one.

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    I found these...Not sure about the etiquette end of this but...I am assuming you already told people so that they are not making travel arrangements, etc..So I would think it would be ok.
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    You could send out a wedding announcement, which can be as formal or informal as you like.  (A formal wedding announcement is pretty much the same as a formal wedding invitation, with the wording changed to indicate that the event has already taken place.)

    Are you giving your family any heads up before, or is everyone finding out after?  I know my parents would have been livid if I'd gotten married without telling them...
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    We had friends that eloped (not to Vegas though).  They send a photo postcard announcement with info about their AHR.  I thought it was really cute. 
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    When my sister eloped, they sent out wedding annoucements with a cutesy poem on it.  She included a photo of her and her husband with it.
    As aerin said, they can be an formal or informal as you want.
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    Like everyone else is saying... i'm sending a photo announcement. We'll be taking photos similar to engagement photos with an "announcing mr. and mrs.rain2reese" banner type thing across the top with a personalized note.

    It can be as fancy or simple as you'd like.
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  • 11Vegas711Vegas7 member
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    I saw some SUPER cute postcard/photo like things if only I could remember where...let me think about it and I will post if I remember--darn brain!
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    You call me...and I show up at your wedding...then I blab to everyone I know and it eventually gets back around to your family.... hahahahaha

    but in all seriousness... I like the Married Las Vegas post cards that Stinker posted. They are cute and I would probably do something along those lines.
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