Rehearsal DInner on a Budget

Any ideas of an inexpensive way to do a rehearsal dinner in Southern Maine?

Re: Rehearsal DInner on a Budget

  • A little unconventional but for my bother's wedding he did a few bodah boxes (a lot of Chinese food from Wok In). haha
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  • I am planning to do a very untraditional rehearsal dinner... laid back BBQ with bonfire and S'mores!!!
    It's going to be very casual at my sisters or mothers house- they have large rural properties that we can easily set up the fire on. It's going to be very casual- hot dogs, hamburgers, and coolers of beer. I'm asking my parents to host and do the cooking (they aren't able to pay for the actual wedding, so this is a perfect way for them to help out). It might not make sense for everyone, but it is SOOO me and my fiance =)
  • We are doing a BBQ at my Parents house, then  (pending the ability of getting a Permit) hopefully having a bonfire on the Beach
  • We are having dinner at Sebago Brewing. They are allowing us to order off the menu, so no special plans needed. Should be fun!
  • Keep it casual! Think backyard bbq, order out pizza or chinese! Or even lasagna that you could pre-make and unthaw & stick in the oven? Especially if you're having a fancier dinner the following night, it might be nice to just kick back and keep it relaxed. 

  • If your house is big enough, my sister and I could cater it for you, we have started our own business up and would love to get some events under our belt.  She has been a cook at Bowdoin College for over 10 years, and I am taking online courses to get my certificate for being a Wedding Planner, PM me if you would like more details.
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