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Getting in Shape

Sick and can't work out, arrgh!

I have a nasty cold/flu thing and am soooooo tired.  I can barely get off the couch I feel so bad, doctor gave me meds and feel tiny bit better.  But I am beating myself up because I can't workout.  I know I should just rest but I am freaking out because I am not working out, the only good thing is I am not stuffing my face because I am so tired and don't want to make food to eat either.  Sorry for the rant, just needed to vent.

Re: Sick and can't work out, arrgh!

  • Oh no that sucks. Get well soon! Don't worry about not working out. Your body really needs to rest and it'll heal faster that way.
  • I agree. I just got over being sick for 2 weeks and I just kept thinking how good it will feel to be 100% again and working out at my best level.
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