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Venue suggestions?


I'm looking for a venue in the OKC area (or south of OKC) to accommodate about 60 people. My preferences: I'd prefer it not be a church nor a chapel. Something fun and slightly more obscure - not used by everybody. Keep in mind it's a February wedding so it must be indoors, unfortunately. Something along the lines of the round barn in Arcadia, a train depot, etc. Some places I'm not a fan of - golf course type things, a definite no to Festivities in El Reno - simply because I went to a wedding there that was a trainwreck. I'm not sure who's fault it was but I'm not willing to take chances :)

I'm hoping maybe somebody will have a suggestion :) My fear with a large venue is a lot of empty space. No thanks :)

Re: Venue suggestions?

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    I know you said you didn't prefer golf course stuff, but this place is kind of awesome, IMO.  http://www.cobblestonecreekgolfclub.com/CCGC/Clubhouse.html (you have to be patient while their website loads... it's kind of a nightmare... but worth it)

    Other suggestions... the train depot in Norman:  http://www.thepas.org/content/view/37/88/

    Ok, so I said, "suggestions" but it looks like I really only have 1 other right now.  I'll keep thinking.
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    OMG, and if you're willing to go to El Reno, check out the chapel at Fort Reno.  We went to look at it and it is SOOOOOOOOOO awesome.  I would have had it there in a heartbeat.  Keith was just afraid it would be too small (for our 150 person guestlist).

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    As long as you have under 150 people, which from your original post you said 60 so you would be fine, Kelly Long (the coordinator at Cobblestone Creek) said the first floor of the Club House at Cobblestone Creek would accommodate a wedding. The fireplace would be your backdrop and there is a beautiful set of wooden stairs you could walk down.

    I am having my wedding there in May and am keeping under the 150 limit in case of rain.
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    Chesapeake Boathouse

    Hamilton Event Center

    The Palace Event Center

    Oklahoma History Center

    Castle Falls

    OKC Farmer's Market is supposed to be really neat, but HUGE
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    Thank you all! I love the Fort Reno chapel from the pics - wow! Is that amazing or what? Going to go google the rest! You ladies rock.
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    I Cross My Heart Weddin Chapel in choctaw

    And there is one in the paseo district that is to die for....
  • Tocan2008Tocan2008 member
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    have you looked into the Chesapeake Boathouse? I had my wedding there and the place is just stunning and the staff is superb! I had my wedding in February of last year and I received a 40% discount since its their off season. Here is the guy in charges e-mail. He was really amazing! [email protected] Tell him I sent you! 
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