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DJ - Not too Loud

I'm looking for a DJ that's willing to play music more softly than the average DJ -- I definitely do not want loud music.  I'd love to hear any recommendations -- especially for DJs that aren't too expensive.  Thanks!

Re: DJ - Not too Loud

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    Any DJ can play the music as loud, or not loud, as you want. You're paying them. We used Tommy's Tunes in Selden and they were awesome, and very reasonable.
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    Xtreme Sounds. This was really important to us, and they did a great job with it at our engagement party.
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    they control the volume. just ask them to turn it down to the volume you want.


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    I used Big Hits Entertainment and they were awesome. Their sound level was great.
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    We are using Crowd Control Entertainment.  I was in a wedding party and saw them in action.  They we very classy and even the oldtimers were enjoying themselves.  Whatever company you use just make sure you know your DJ prior to the wedding day.  I have heard some horror stories about other companies sending an inexperiencedyoung kids to DJ their wedding.  This is one thing you want to aviod.
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