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I have a gorgeous dress (yay) but no shoes (boo)! There is so much craziness coming from finding shoes. I really like the idea of blinged out vans but both my mother and friends have given their very negative opinions of it. They said the dress is much too pretty to be worn with something like it. My fiance and I are about the same height so I really really don't want to wear heels, especially for this day in particular. We've "compromised" that nice sandals would work but I can't get the sneakers out of my mind! Who is really going to see my shoes that much anyway? Does it really matter? Anyone out there who has worn converse or vans? I've included pictures of my dress and the shoes I'm considering. I just don't know! 

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  • I'm wearing gold glitter toms-I want to be comfortable and I can't walk in heels to save my life (and don't want to learn). Pretty much no one will see them and I'll wear them again. Wear what you'll feel comfortable in if you don't think/aren't concerned that anyone will see them.
  • doeydodoeydo Southwestern Ontario
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    The sandals will be pretty comfortable so why not wear them?  They're cute and go with your dress, and aren't tacky, IMO.
  • chibiyuichibiyui The Boring Part of MD
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    Look, if you love the blinged vans get the blinged vans.

    .....Though I vote you buy both if you can afford both. 

    .........But I am a shoe whore.

  • Wear the shoes that you like. I think the Converse/Vans are cute and fun and if that's what you like, go with those! I'll be wearing sandals very similar to the ones you posted but we're getting married outside and I don't want to wear heels in grass/sand!
  • Pretty sure no one is going to even see your shoes with that dress and since you're the one that has to wear them all day, I say go with the vans!
  • Go with what you love!

    If you have the budget you could always do the sandal for the ceremony and the vans for the reception. If not do whatever is best for your feet! You will be standing a lot!

    I love heels! I am a short girl and want the longer taller look in my gown that I can only seem to do in heels. However, I have my old trusty broken in pair of boots that I will have at the ready for the recpetion when my fee tell me the heels have to go. 
  • I have a dress very similar to yours.. I'm getting married at a ski resort in January and my man is only 6" taller than me.. I want to be comfortable and be able to wear the shoes again.. I guess you could say I went totally "tacky" but hey, nobody will see them anyways and my feet will love me for it.. get what you feel comfortable in, that is what matters!

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  • I love the sandals! I'm having a beach wedding and I'm wearing a short dress, so these would be perfect. Do you mind telling me where you found them?

  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's
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    I would get the sandals because you could easily wear them again.  I mean, how often do you plan on wearing those blinged out bride converse shoes after you get married?

  • Personally I'd get the sandals because even though I like Converses I don't want to wear with with my wedding dress. But that's ME. If you want to wear Van/Converse then that's what you should do! Although @maggie0829 has a very good point about probably never wearing them again. You should take that into consideration.
    I bought flat gold sandals because they go with my dress, I didn't want to wear heels because FI isn't much taller than me, I never wear heels anymore and I will definitely be wearing the sandals again and again.

  • The sandals are from River Island, I presume it's overseas because the sizes shown are European. Here's the link!
  • Thanks for all the opinions! I think I'll probably go with the sandals because I know I'll for sure wear them all the time. The vans are still super cute but first I'd have to make them or pay a lot for them and as stated, where can I really wear them again without looking weird lol. Thanks again everyone!
  • NowIamMrsKleinNowIamMrsKlein Cold Canadian North (British Columbia)
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    I have a similar dress and i am wearing teal converse (see avatar pic).

    Our wedding colours are teal and charcoal so they 'match' and are easily wearable again.

    I never wear heels. Like maybe once a year. I am terrible at them. I am also only 5 feet tall and its a huge part of me, so I want to look like me on my wedding day. Not some taller version (ha ha).

    No one is going to see the shoes under my dress (which my FMIL is super thankful about because she just doesnt get it). So I figured 'why not???'

    I also love the over a foot height difference between my FI and I and wouldn't change it for anything. 
  • Another practical consideration in favor of the sandals - in that type of big (beautiful! I tried this one on!) dress, you're going to be really hot. It might be nice to not have socks on your feet.
  • Yes, I'm pretty sure I'm just gonna buy the sandals. I don't need to add wedding shoes to my list of DIY projects. I didn't think about socks, that's a good point! Hopefully I can find where they're shipped from, I love them! I'm a shoe hoarder, especially sandals! And Vans. But I'm leaning towards the sandals for this occasion! Thanks for the opinions! 
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