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Have you listened to Atlanta Monster yet?

Re: MissJeanLouise

  • No... I was waiting for a few episodes to build up so I can binge them. Should I listen now? Is it good?
  • I binged them all yesterday.  So good. 
  • They come out on Thursdays.  There's 4 so far.  No idea how long they're going to make the series. 
  • Oh! I just downloaded this! Glad to see it was good! (Sorry to be a creep?)

  • You're fine!  I'm into podcasts (mostly true crime), so I'm always trying to find new ones that are interesting.  ;) 
  • I will listen tomorrow then!!

    my current new favorite is Small Town Murder. Have you heard that one?
  • mrsconn23mrsconn23 member
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    I've heard of it.  It's on my list.  ;) (I seriously write down a list on a pad of paper at my desk, LOL)
  • It’s funny and he only covers cases that are fairly unknown. I started listening to Best Case and I love it. 
  • So I listened. *spoilers*

    I didn’t know much going into it. I knew he was convicted on mostly fiber evidence and I had heard about the stakeout at the bridge but I forgot it was in this case. Since I lived in Atlanta I knew about a lot of the places they spoke of, that was pretty interesting.

    The first thing that really bothered me is, How TF did the FBI let him go after they picked him up on the bridge?? Pull him in for littering if you have to, fuck. Also, how, with all the people they had out, did they not have someone on top of the bridge. GA is covered in forest, there was probably plenty of cover for a guy/gal to sit there in the dark with a tele lense.

    Second, he was never convicted of killing any of the missing kids. How can they just close the cases? But I didn’t like how all the relatives didn’t think it was him because they just didn’t or had other people they thought did it. Like kids between 10 and 14 are going missing every 10 days but they aren’t related?! No. Idk that it was him but they were definitely related. The FBI says they know things the public doesn’t and that he IS the killer, enlighten us please.

    who was the lady who asked the one question? I want to hear more from her! 

    I was doing other other things while listening but those were the big things that jumped out.
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