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  • Re: Can Sheet Cake Help Cut Time and Costs of Traditional Cake?

    Having cut a number of wedding cakes...  Yes to the "Kitchen Cakes" (i.e. cake of identical quality layers and filling as the cake out front that all guests are served the same portion of cake)..  Make sure to go over this detail with your baker because some define "Sheet Cake" differently!  Some make a more squat filled layer of cake for their "sheet cakes", some it's just one layer of cake with icing,  and some use disposable aluminum pans as their "sheet cake", some it's just a rectangle or square cake exactly the same as the display cake.  You HAVE to ask and clarify so what shows up treats all guests equally on their portion/quality of cake.  (and yes, I've got a horror story from DH's cousin's wedding to match WHY..)

    In theory it saves time because if you forget or as you're doing your cutting/pictures, they're hauling sliced cakes out of the kitchen and placing in front of your guests.  Even if the slices were placed immediately out before your guests sit down to eat dinner, there wouldn't be enough time for the cake to really dry out.  It takes the same amount of time to cut that number of portions of cake this just lets them get started sooner than they otherwise would.  

    Whatever you do, ALL portions of cake MUST be of the same portion/quality level.  It's rude to serve some guests filled multi-layer cake and others less than a half-portion piece of cake.  "All guests treated equal, no better no worse"...  
  • Re: MOH still doesn't have her dress...

    Plenty of time!  What's the worry?!?!?!  

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  • Re: The BIG question, how to politely put Adults only

    Commit and stand by your decision unapologetically, no additional explanation on your website and word of mouth than "Adults 18+ only"...  The message reaction I get is "I'm glad you find it easy to leave other people's kids in the care of a complete stranger at the hotel", but it just comes off wrong the way it's written even though that's not your intent.  
  • Re: This person has to have the most patient GF and therapist

    I want to know if this is an actual GF or just a really good friend he thinks is more than it actually is...  Either way, he needs to move out of that house...
  • Re: Average cost for alterations

    First, dropping weight may change you proportionately.  That said, I'm VERY glad you ordered the dress in the size you are now.  Many knotties before you have made the other choice and regretted it horribly!

    Keep your alterations budget up there in that $1100 PP suggested range because a) You lose weight and taking the dress in becomes impossible/changes the look you have a replacement dress budget b) alterations only go up in cost, your estimate is just that, and it's a LOW BALL estimate to make you feel good now while you can cancel out on the order, js, this is how many bridal shops operate (the horror stories hanging out here for any amount of time will appall you!) c) "It is always better to plan that things are going to cost more because if it ends up being less you'll have money left over to use for an upgrade somewhere else, which is FAR easier to work with than trying to find money later"...