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  • Re: Lackluster Short Wedding Reception For A DW Dilemma

    Your plans sound fine to me - you never know, you could check on a group rate at some of the smaller venue shows on the strip in Vegas (Kevin is one of the performers who I'm thinking of that's not too over the top for a group of the ones I know) if you're wanting to "add" but IMO your plan sounds fine.  The reason being something like that instead of the limo ride that'd keep people together in an activity as a group.  

    I wouldn't apologize, you're plans sound fine to me other than the covering alcohol unless you're having a dry event.  
  • Re: Leave them alone. You're a nightmare.

    Warning: feminist rant

    I'll also add that I get really sick of women having to justify why they want to work. Like "oh well her job pays really well" or "she worked hard for her title" or "she went to school for a long time". I don't care if someone is a CEO or they're a cashier at McDonald's. Neither woman should have to justify why or if she wants to go back to work. Men are NEVER asked these questions "why do you feel you need to go back to work?" or "why don't you just stay home?" or "doesn't your wife support you?"

    It reminds me of last name discussions where people are like "she's keeping it because she's made a name for herself in her field" or "oh well she's published under her maiden name, so it makes sense" or "there's a lot of family history there." No. Men never have to make these excuses or justify their choice to keep their name. They just do it and no questions it or feels the need to justify why they did it. 
    Quoting this just because I love it so much. 

    If LW was my mother, we would not be on speaking terms. Who the hell does she think she is?
    Someone's reason to drink... 
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  • Re: Unconventional MOH Situation

    Looking at everyone's schedules and mutually choosing a date with people who are likely to be traveling early during the summer when people have time is a good thing, but first confirm that that's what THEY want to do, and that they can afford the travel (with grad school, they may say they can't)... But then hand the rest over to them even if they make zero plans other than "Tell everyone we're meeting here first at X time!"..  And go with it because you see, you're going to have a great time surrounded by everyone no matter what!
  • Re: Weird dog story for the morning

    Am I the only one who wonders "Didn't she notice the ground looked different?" after the sister dug the dog up...  js...  And creepy sister - SNS...
  • Re: Why not take each situation as it comes?

    Team "Don't ask the husband to be involved in these cases!" He set his boundary, if LW chooses to pick them up on their time, that's LW's choice, but leave the husband out of it!  That said, still case by case basis!