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    @kvruns That dress is super cute! I can't tell from the pic if it should be hemmed, but I know what you mean about the length and hate that weird, not-quite-knee length too. If it makes you uncomfortable, it might be worth hemming it.

    Do you have a navy jacket? (The dress looks navy, right?) If you had something the same color as those little pops, I think that would look smart too.
  • Re: Adressing invites/STD help!!

    CMGragain said:
    banana468 said:
    But you're advocating for something that's blatantly favoring the men.

    You can certainly say that's the way you like to be addressed.   But it seems like you're changing the argument to suit your answer.   The traditional way is sexist and patriarchal.   If someone wants to use a different format while knowing that YOU prefer something different, the new way isn't wrong if the books haven't caught up yet.
    There is nothing wrong with Ms. Jane Doe and Mr. John Doe.  I never said that there was.  I just personally prefer tradition, as do many women.  That doesn't reflect on our position on women's rights.  To equate politics with a preferred form of address is judgemental and often incorrect.  Choices, ladies!  Choices!
    This is your stance every time this situation comes up here, and you pretend everyone is taking away your choice in how you prefer to be addressed. Literally no one is saying that. All we're saying is the etiquette "rules" haven't caught up to society yet, and it's okay to acknowledge that and choose the more inclusive option as the default. If someone has a preference, we honor that. 

    There are some etiquette rules that should never be broken, like inviting significant others or not asking for money, and then there are things that are a little more flexible. 
  • Re: inviting that guy

    So....if the rest of the family and the rest of your cousins are invited, it may be awkward to not invite this one cousin. The exception would be if there's a real threat of violence against you or other guests. Pouring a glass of wine on someone doesn't really constitute that. In that case, I'd let the bartenders and venue security know so they can escort him out if need be.

    That being said, does his family know he's been inappropriate in the past? Or do they understand he sometimes behaves inappropriately? Without knowing what he's done to you, its hard to say for sure.
  • Re: What to do with my engagement ring?

    CMGragain said:
    Mine is the Wild Strawberry pattern that they have been making since 1965.  I always dreamed of family dinners at Thanksgiving and Christmas with the extended family.  No such luck.  Family is 2000+ miles away, and holiday travel is expensive and difficult.  Daughter and family are visiting this coming week, and I'm buying a turkey!  This might be my last chance to be "Grandma" at the dinner table.  I'm cleaning house like crazy!

    Son is visiting in November.  He just wants my lasagna.

    Daughter thinks my china is too "busy".  She has a full set of German china in a subdued pattern that I bought her at a garage sale for $7, and added a few pieces later.

    I love this pattern! It's so fun, you could use it all the time.

    We have some very hideous china from MIL's sister's MIL (or something). I don't even know how we ended up with it, but it's moved 3 times so far and has found a permanent home in our linen closet. 
  • Re: Are you ready for some football?!

    Which one of y'all has Aaron Rodgers? I'm sorry for your season but even more sorry for my Packers :( :(