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  • Re: What to do with my engagement ring?

    Would your son wear it if it were set in a more masculine style? I think I would offer to have it redesigned for him. If he declines, offer it to your daughter to hold for one of her sons to possibly propose with.

    That said, once you give it away, remember that you no longer get to control what happens to it. If your son has someone he wants to give it to, that will be his choice.
  • Re: Cheapest reputable site for a diamond?

    Just watch out for diamonds with fluorescence if you continue to shop online. It's natural, and diamonds with it are considerably cheaper, but medium and stronger amounts of it tend to make them look milky in certain lights.
  • Re: Cheapest reputable site for a diamond?

    Of the 4 C's, it sounds like you're putting the highest priority on carat (size). You will pay A LOT more for a 2ct stone than a 1.99ct stone because prices are often set based on weight categories. So consider a smidge smaller than 2.0 and save yourself some money.

    If you're open to different settings, I actually know 2 people who got their rings at Costco (paid wayyy below appraisal value) and love them. 

    HERE's a very informative (pretty detailed, but worth the read) guide to diamond buying. You seem really focused on carat weight, but this will help you find sweet spots and navigate around that pigeon hole. 
    Generally a 1.99 is going to be priced basically the same as a 2.00 because the margin for being able to call a diamond a certain 'desirable' size is legally .03ct below the size. So for example I could talk about a 1.97ct stone being "2 carats" legally, as long as I disclose the exact weight. But I can't call a 1.96 or below "2 carats," so that's where you'll start to see a drop in price-per-carat to something like what you'd pay per-carat for a smaller stone, like say, 1.8 cts.

    I wish OP would come back and tell us what her budget is. That would give me a much better idea of the best compromise between carat/color/clarity/cut. In general though, I'd advise looking at what size meets one's budget in a G color, SI1 clarity, Very Good or Excellent cut diamond. And of course I'm assuming round here, but the color and clarity still apply if you go fancy; GIA doesn't grade cut quality on shapes other than round brilliant.
  • Re: Engaged but no not really?

    FWIW, I have a lab sapphire. If you want a diamond IMO you should get a diamond (in his budget!), but if you're not stuck on wanting one you might mention what you would like to him. Again, it's fine that he doesn't want/need a ring to show his commitment. But YOU want one and he should want to give you one because it's what you want. Not because DeBeers marketing told him you wanted it, but because YOU did.

    I also agree that doing things for you around the house is not romantic. It's part of the social contract you have when you live with someone. You do chores because you live there, duh.
  • Re: Can Sheet Cake Help Cut Time and Costs of Traditional Cake?

    This is fine as long as the sheet cake is IDENTICAL in quality to the cutting cake. All guests must be able to have the same cake if they want it.