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  • Re: Um, you sound like a snob.

    "Financial bracket" has nothing to do with it. They could invite her and she could look up the restaurant, decide she can't afford it, and say she won't be able to make it. That's on her. Snobbery comes in when they make that decision for her. If Mary (and Amy) consider Mary to be part of the friend group, I can see where it would be weird and hurtful that she just doesn't get invited out with them, because one or more of them have decided on her behalf that she can't afford to go. I'd be interested to see how the other friends feel about her personally.

    However, I'm pretty sure LW just doesn't like Mary. That's fine. But yeah, then stop with the general plus ones, because you can't say "Bring anyone but that one person you obviously like hanging out with."
  • Re: Young Ring Bearers and Flower Girl

    To your OP question about whether anyone went without a flower girl, I had neither ring bearers or flower girls in our wedding, even though my H had a 3 year old nephew at the time. We didn't want to put that on my BIL and SIL, who were both in the wedding party already.

    No one missed it.
  • Re: Young Ring Bearers and Flower Girl

    Emillee23 said:
    I didn’t ask if I should have them in the wedding or not I asked for ideas on how to get them down the isle. It may not be special to them, but it’s special to us. 
    1) It's aisle. Aisle is the word you're looking for.

    2) Essentially what everyone is saying is that you need to recognize that "special" to you may involve tantrums. Be flexible. I mean, you can have someone dsignated to carry them down the aisle, but if they are going to be happier just sitting with someone and watching, I don't know why you would force the issue with your kids whom you care about. Watching them come down the aisle as RBs shouldn't actually make your wedding any more special than marrying your FI would otherwise make it.
  • Re: Talk to neither

    That would greatly irritate me.  Like, "Lady, I'm barely in your son's life anymore (just a friend) and definitely not in yours.  Especially don't tell me, to tell my mom, how to run her FB account, FFS."  I don't control another adult's social media.  And you should take the same hint!

    The only take away I would have from that convo is to maybe keep eye on if the ex seems to be still attached and not moving on.

    While I agree with everyone else that it's probably best to stop talking to the ex as well based on some potentially accurate new info, I'd be hesitant to do anything this lady suggested simply because what I do and who I talk to and who my mom has on social media is zero percent her business, and I can be spiteful that way.
  • Re: Payment deadline coming...no one paid yet....


    The deadline for bridesmaids to pay/order their dress is at the end of the month.

    I sent a message out in our wedding group last week saying, "I don't know who has paid and who hasn't. Just an reminder/fyi dresses need to be ordered/paid by end of the month"

    I called the bridal shop today to see who has paid and who hasn't.

    One bridesmaid has a partial payment and none of the other ones have paid....

    What is a good way to "remind" them that payment is due in a few weeks. I hate "asking for money" especially around Christmas time when money is tight anyway for people.

    I'm sure I'm not the 1st to encounter this issue.

    Your message that you already sent would be sufficient. You shouldn't pester them about it.

    Either they order the dress by the end of this month or they don't;
    if they don't, either they pay a rush charge or they don't;
    either they have a dress for your wedding or they don't;
    if they don't have this dress, either you let them wear whatever because people are more important than looks, or you decide they've taken themselves out of the wedding party and will be attending as a guest.

    None of these situations are ruinous. Adults can take care of their own responsibilities, or not, but reminding them once is about all you can and should do.