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    ok, so i WAS going to do a PPD (because i didnt realize how horrible it apparently is, didnt even know it HAD a name and because im poor as crap and will have to save for about 10 years to have the wedding i want) so now i have to go back over it. Thanks. Now, one thing i do have to say... My brother has been saving up for 8 months to bring his bride-to-be over from her home country. He has been working 2 jobs ( about 70-80 hours a week) to save every penny he can. He supports our mother (cuz im not financially able to help) and supports his Fiance while she is on an unpaid internship to get her nursing degree.  They have 45 days to get married once she gets here and her paperwork went through 3 months faster than they expected. They cant, literally CAN'T, save up any money (since it was spent on plane trips back and forth, paperwork, medical bills and proof of support of her family by him) to have the wedding they both deserve. You are telling me that they should video tape their wedding (which will be a nice small JOP REAL wedding with about 10 people, all family) and then throw a giant party later when they can save up to cater and decorate and just replay it there? Cuz... that just sounds like it sucks.
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    my brother did. its harder though. If you have the money up front, you are way better off since you have to basically have everything paid on/before your wedding day. Try finding friends who bake, decorate, or are just crazy creative that can help with the process. Figure out the style that you wanted, and then simplify. Most dresses take 3-5 months to get if you order them so try finding trunk shows or go to stores and see what they have available off the rack. Dont get anything more than 2 sizes off because the alterations will bury you. You can get cheap roses from stop and shop (if you have one, if not, try your local grocer) and then have them just put it together for you a couple days before the wedding, its scary and you have to trust that the flowers they have gotten are what you want. *NOTE* grocery stores CANNOT dye flowers (food hazard) so natural colors are all you are going to get. most stores have roses on sale every week so you may be able to make a rose bouquet of 12-15 roses for about a dollar a rose, then bouquet building costs. 

    YOU DONT NEED FLOWERS EVERYWHERE. they are massively expensive and you should definitely attempt to ffind a photgrapher instead (since he is delploying, your wedding photos will be the most recent and the ones you look at the most, so make them great) If you have a friend who is a photographer, see if they will suppliment one that you find.

    Since its winter, more vendors will be available than they would be in the spring, this is good.

    I have more thoughts but i cant think of them at the moment, if this helps, thats awesome.

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    Its also not proper to walk down the isle unescorted. Brides do what brides do. Its their day, let them have it. Dont be offended because you are happy with your JOP or small ceremony. People who feel the need to have 2 days (im not offended though i would like to know ahead of time, and i would be happy that they wanted to include me in their day, even if it was a second one.) arent purposely insulting your wedding, and for those of you who say military shouldnt get an extra shot, you have no idea what you are talking about. Just because one cousin chose not to doesnt mean they are right. Military life is not something non-military people should have any comment on.