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  • Re: Prudie Day (I think; is it Thursday?)!!

    I am so tired today, and I don't have enough time to finish everything, and since I can't decide where to start, I'm here.

    We had a funeral luncheon pop up for next week, yay - but it's our first in a new venue that is mine to manage, so I have a ton to do.  Hubs is coming with me Saturday to set the floor plan LOL.  I am in meetings back to back today and tomorrow and have like 4 proposals to do as well.

    Last night we went to see the progressive front runners for Attorney General and Governor speak and it was awesome.  We're from the same Dem Club as the potential AG and she endorsed hubs so we're long sold on her - she's a legit bad ass!  But hearing her speak makes me even more excited to vote for her!  She also has a commercial that made it to cable networks and late nigh shows - PM Me if you want a link.  You'll love it.

    This weekend we're going to see The Bodyguard production in downtown Detroit. And that is how we know hubs really loves me; it's my anniversary gift and he hasn't even joked about having to go.  Sunday, we've been invited to go a Gala celebrating the first anniversary of the Women's March, and not to sound like a brat, but I'd rather go to the anniversary march.  Picket Signs > Formal Dresses.
  • Re: Tuesday

    Hi everyone!  I'm alive!  Between the job and hubs campaign, my free time is basically my commute.  The good news is he's going to hire a campaign manager soon - yay less work for me!

    Work is good; our contingency came through, which is great news, but I need to step up and produce like never before and the four months without a huge win is starting to affect my sales ego.  I'm *thisclose* to signing my first wedding, which will be huge.

    @mrsconn23 that's how I feel about our poor puppy.  She doesn't mind the cold and LOVES the snow, we're the ones who can't take it; and in return she's been puppy fitting like a mofo.

    @lyndausvi we're considering hiring a dog walker too, just to help with the puppy fits.  We also added Shipt to our lives, it was so great; anything to make things convenient right now.

  • It's already my noon

    I had to be up at 4:15 for a breakfast delivery, so I'm considering it lunch time now!

    Hope everyone had a great weekend/MondayI got some bad news on the work front and am trying to stay positive in hopes that I didn't walk away from a 10 year career/company and make a mistake.

    But on the plus side, Hubs announces today!  We launched his FB yesterday and he's gotten 150 likes.  It's nice to be "out" and doing stuff finally.
  • Re: It's not on you to mend fences.

    As someone who was raised with the expectation that my parents will disappoint me majorly at every turn, I can't imagine how devastating it must be for people from seemingly happy families to disintegrate - but granted, I'm adding some leeway to the story. 

    As an adult, my best friend learned devastating news about her parents that her siblings knew and kept from her.  It took her a long time to not just process the new reality was that her family, revisit everything she thought she knew with this new context, but also to trust all of the people closest to her who kept this secret from her for decades.  While brother seems to be bratty in this short letter, I wouldn't be surprised either if there's more to the story and that is why it's impacting him so much more than the others.

    With that said, I have so many questions, but none as big as:  how is said brother treating mom? 

    Is mom still with her affair partner?  Is Dad the only one being blamed for the break up?  How old is brother?  What is the other sibling doing?  Did any/all of the kids have inklings about the affairs beforehand?
  • Re: When women aren't taken seriously

    Ro041 said:
    The guy asked how old I was in the chat room.  I said 12.  BAM - d*ck pic via IM almost immediately (although it took a while for it to creepily download one horizontal bar at a time.  These were the dial up days, of course).  

    ETA - @southernbelle0915 - that is the sad thing.  We all have countless stories and the (man) world seems shocked that this kind of behavior is so prevalent.  It's interesting how many different instances I remembered once I actually started thinking and talking about my past experiences.  That guy who blocked the laundry room door and flashed me in my old apartment and asked me to watch him?  Yeah - forgot about that one until H said he couldn't believe Louis CK's admissions and asked out loud how a man could do that.  

    Trump's "grab em by the pussy" moment was this for me.  It made me realize how many times that's happened in my life and I've forgotten about it. 

    Your white noise comparison is so true.  Every weekend, all across this country, twenty-something year old women go the bar, prepared to fight off assault, except we're so used to it, we don't call it that.  Instead, we wear pumps (to stomp on toes), dance with our elbows out (to ward off pervs), put napkings in our beer bottles (so we're not drugged) and dance in a circle to create a safe space.  I did this for a decade, routinely, like a job.  I was so used to it, it never occurred to me how fucked up it was.

    Around the Trump video time, I had a conversation with a male colleague whose daughter recently graduated college.  I said, ask your daughter what she and her friends do at the bar to ward off creeps and you'll realize how pervasive it actually is.  He did, she was honest, he was baffled.

    I was "tickled above the tights" at 9.  Cat called at 11. My body was grabbed and commented on starting at 12.  And I'm a lucky one.  It's disgusting.