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  • Re: Friday

    @STARMOON44 get it girl!
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    Not a whole lot is happening this weekend. Meal prep and cleaning for when H leaves Monday for a business trip to Mexico. He'll be gone almost 2 weeks. I really like having my ducks in a row so I can just chill while he's away.
  • Re: Coordinating Jr Bridesmaid, Flower Girl & Bridesmaids

    Bridesmaids are just bridesmaids, no need to call her a "junior".

    Would she fit into misses sizes? If so, just have her parents order one of the weddington way dresses in cabernet - maybe let them choose a style they're comfortable with her wearing.

    If she can't fit into any of those, just tell her parents to get "any blush or gold dress that's long" (or whatever your specs are). She doesn't need to match the flower girl - she's a bridesmaid!
  • Re: Leave them alone. You're a nightmare.

    Warning: feminist rant

    I'll also add that I get really sick of women having to justify why they want to work. Like "oh well her job pays really well" or "she worked hard for her title" or "she went to school for a long time". I don't care if someone is a CEO or they're a cashier at McDonald's. Neither woman should have to justify why or if she wants to go back to work. Men are NEVER asked these questions "why do you feel you need to go back to work?" or "why don't you just stay home?" or "doesn't your wife support you?"

    It reminds me of last name discussions where people are like "she's keeping it because she's made a name for herself in her field" or "oh well she's published under her maiden name, so it makes sense" or "there's a lot of family history there." No. Men never have to make these excuses or justify their choice to keep their name. They just do it and no questions it or feels the need to justify why they did it. 
  • Re: Weird dog story for the morning

    There is so much weird in this I almost can't even. Sister is obviously a few sandwiches short of a picnic for wanting to sleep with a dog corpse, so idk that I'm taking her FB rant seriously anyway. 

    But these two obviously have deeper communications issues. Before they get another dog, they need to discuss canine advanced directives and maybe even make a will (I feel ridiculous typing that). 
  • Re: Invitation Etiquette

    That's terribly rude! So they're inviting "the boys" and not "the girls"? What?!

    Your husband should absolutely decline. If he's all "but it's my brother's wedding!" Then the response is "but it's your wife and daughter!" Either the brother invites you, as your husband's wife, or y'all don't go. That's where I'd be.