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    Thanks everybody!!!! 

    @sparklepants41 I am feeling pretty good! Mostly just really tired! I *think* I am due in September. Hoping to find out more when I go to the doc on Tuesday! 

    @CharmedPam it really is so high lol. We did that to keep the dogs off, but it didn’t work *eye roll* 
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    @charlotte989875 thank you!!! Really not feeling too bad. Mostly I have just been totally exhausted! And I am like completely starving all the time lol. Certain smells gross me out and I’m not in the mood to eat a lot of things that I’d normally like, but I haven’t had much nausea. I am thankful for that!!

    edited because TK keeps deleting half my comment 
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    Hi friends!! I have missed you all! 

    Exciting times in the Beckler household. I just started yet another new job (and this one is a GOOD ONE!!!!) and I'm not able to get on during the day. But it's no excuse. I've got to do better about getting on when I can in the evenings or on my lunch! 

    DH just got... drumroll please... his first regional airline job!!!!!!!!!!! He starts in May. I am SO proud of him and so excited. All this these months/years of being apart on and off have completely paid off!!!!

    Oh, also, you may not really be able to tell, but this ↓↓↓ is A BABY BUMP!!!!!!

    (sorry if the pic is huge!)

    First doctor's appointment is Tuesday <3 I haven't told all the people I need to tell yet, but I couldn't wait to tell y'all!
  • Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, knotties! I hope that each of you had a great day filled with family, friends, and food! DH was able to be home this year and I am sooo thankful (though the beard is not my favorite ;) )! We spent Christmas Eve with my best friend and her family, and Christmas Day was spent with my family. Please feel free to share pictures and stories!

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    @Ro041 you’re just gorgeous!!! And that honeymoon destination... :heart: