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  • Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, knotties! I hope that each of you had a great day filled with family, friends, and food! DH was able to be home this year and I am sooo thankful (though the beard is not my favorite ;) )! We spent Christmas Eve with my best friend and her family, and Christmas Day was spent with my family. Please feel free to share pictures and stories!

  • Re: Wednesday

    @Ro041 you’re just gorgeous!!! And that honeymoon destination... :heart:
  • Re: Thursday!

    Thursday funny: my birthday is tomorrow and my mom and brother planned a very thoughtful birthday dinner for me on Saturday since DH isn’t here. They forgot to invite me. I can’t stop laughing. 
  • Re: 90 Day Fiancé *spoiler alert*

    Re: Darcy and Jesse. Yeah he’s a controlling jerk. When she first started talking about him I thought “there’s no way that a guy who is this attractive is real and/or going to go for a woman like her (age, too much plastic surgery, obvious fake hair extensions, etc.)”, but obviously I was wrong. Yeah, he’s hot, but the way he treats her scares me. The fact that she’s willing to put up with it scares me even more. Like, girlfriend, are you that desperate for some Dutch arm candy that you will throw your worth out the window? It’s just sad. 

    Paul and Karine- holy freakin crap. They kept me angry the whole time the before the 90 days show was on. He gives me the creeps x10000. And poor Karine is likely just trying to make a better life for herself. The second his mom handed her the wad of hair I was done. But also couldn’t look away. Lol. 
  • Re: Wednesday

    Y’all, I’m crazy. My days are so messed up from being off work on awkward days. For some reason I was convinced that today was Thursday, and therefore Prudie day, but it’s just Wednesday. Face palm. 

    @Ro041 congratulations!!!! 

    @banana468 that is soooo messed up. Poor Chiquita. I am so glad she spoke up, though. I feel like a lot of kids would have been scared to say something.