June 2014 Weddings

Feels like there's an endless list of to-dos

Anyone else agree?? The biggest thing is I finally sold my original dress!!!!! Biggest weight off my shoulders is gone :) Going to look for a new one and my girls dresses on the 17 and I'm so excited! We have our reception hall, caterer, photographer, what the guys are wearing and a general idea of what feel we're hoping to have. We're doing our family photos for our guest book this Sunday (YAY!!)and other than that, we're at a stand still lol. I told my guy last night we need to figure out where the ceremony is going to be, if we want/need a limo, and to talk to his fellow f.f. that are dj's and see if any of them are available to dj for us. I need to get out my planner and see what else there is. OH and we're making our own cakes with the help of my MIL and SIL and we have been looking at different flowers.

Re: Feels like there's an endless list of to-dos

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