November 2013 Weddings

Feeling like I'm going to forget something....

I feel so very disorganized at the moment! So many DIY projects and they're all over the place in my house & my mom's house. 

Plus I'm wide awake well after midnight with a billion things running through my head. 

Re: Feeling like I'm going to forget something....

  • Make a checklist! I had a huge packing checklist that covered all my details, DIY stuff and attire. I didn't forget anything. 
  • I agree with PP.  Put everything on a list and check the items off as you go.  It's the best way to stay organized.
  • Definitely what PP said, I had at least 4 checklists from the beginning which doesn't include random lists here and there were I wrote things down. It will help a lot. Today I separated ceremony decorations, reception decorations, and attire/gifts into separate piles so I know where things are and what to hand over to my coordinator at the rehearsal.
  • My challenge is that 95% of my "stuff" is at my mom's house (which is closer to my venue/about 25 minutes from me w/o traffic). 

    I plan to spend the next few evenings getting organized. 
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