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Don't want any formal dancing announcment

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I was looking forward to and always imagined those moments when my dad would see me in my dress, walk me down the isle and dance with me. But my dad had passed two years ago and feel like I was robbed of this. It hurts and last wedding I went to I had to get up and leave for a few minutes when my cousin was dancing with her dad. I don't want to dance with my uncle or FIL because it won't feel the same. Is it weird to just request not to do that. I only want to dance with my husband.

Re: Don't want any formal dancing announcment

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    Then don't. We didn't have any set dancing. No spotlight dancing, no nothing. The closest thing we had to 'dancing' was me in a barbiturate haze dancing to Booty Wurk.

  •            Don't If your FI still wants to dance with his mother, he can. If not, you don't need to have that at all.
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  • I had a first dance with my husband, but that was it for spotlight dances. After that song ended, everyone joined us on the dance floor. You don't have to do anything you don't want!
  • Of course you don't have to. Its your wedding. I agree you shouldn't try to have a father-daughter dance with anyone else because they won't be your father.

    Talk to your FI. He and FMIL might still want to have their dance and if so, you shouldn't try to stop them.
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