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Our photographer quit :'(

We opted to go with a company that employes multiple photographers for our wedding. Upon seeing the portfolio of the photographer we chose, we had no doubts they were the right vendor for our wedding. But now, three months out, we've been informed that our photographer has put in notice at the company and will no longer be working our wedding! He's more or less the reason why we chose the company and now we are quite upset. 

They've sent us over five other options and none of them measure up to our original selection. Honestly- if these were who we were presented with before we signed the contract, we never would have selected them. We're tied by the contract and cannot back out without losing our 50% deposit. Plus with only three months before our big day, it probably wouldn't be that easy to find a replacement.

The contract says: "[Company] may substitute another photographer to take the photographs in the event of the chosen Photographer’s unavailability. [Company] will provide adequate backup means or otherwise to perform this photography service."

I don't think the options they have provided us are "adequate" but I doubt they agree. I'm not sure what our best move is at this point in time. Do we just suck it up and go with the best of the replacements? Do we fight to get out of the contract and find someone else? Or should we try to negotiate a better price since the replacement photographer isn't as skilled as our original pick? I really just want beautiful pictures and I'm so worried we won't get them now.

Re: Our photographer quit :'(

  • This is what happens when you go with a large company or nationwide chain. I think your only options are pick the best of the replacements or lose your deposit and find someone else.

    You might be able to negotiate a discount with a new photog. They might be willing to make a deal so they can fill an open date since they otherwise probably won't be filling it at this point. Only you can decide if the deposit is worth losing or if you will be happy enough with the replacement.

    This is way I don't ever recommend any of the chains or hiring a company. At the same time emergencies or illness can leave anyone with a replacement photog. 

    GL! :)
    :kiss: ~xoxo~ :kiss:

  • Yes, to your point, photographers can always drop out. If I were to do it all over again... I don't think we would go with them, but this is where we are now. We negotiated that we'll get all the raw files from the wedding and they lowered the price by $200. The photographer is fine, she just doesn't stir my soul like our first pick did.
  • Glad it worked out. :)
    :kiss: ~xoxo~ :kiss:

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